Today we’re going to focus on a problem that may seem trivial to most of you, but has happened to a lot of new motorists! Indeed, we are going to talk about the subject of a steering wheel locked on my car, and what to do if you find yourself in this situation? It may seem logical, but when you don’t know the cars in detail, finding yourself facing the steering wheel of your blocked car can be disconcerting. In this article, we will first try to explain why the steering wheel of your car is blocked, and secondly, how to un0ock the steering wheel of your car.

steering wheel locked on my car

Why is the steering wheel of my car locked?

So let’s start our article with the origin of the problem you are facing. Being faced with a steering wheel stuck on your cardoesn’t mean that your car’s neiman is stuck or busted, nor does it necessarily mean that you’ll have to fix your car key or cylinder. Luckily for you, it’s only a safety element. However, if no one has explained to you how this car anti-theft system works, you can’t invent it. The purpose of this device is to lock the steering and therefore the steering wheel of your vehicle, so a possible thief, even if he manages to start your car, will not be able to change its direction and therefore to move freely with your car. This system works quite simply, once you have removed the key from the cylinder of your car, if you move the steering wheel, it will lock thanks to a tongue that will be inserted between the sprockets of your steering column. This simple car anti-theft system prevents a good number of car thefts, remember to activate it every time you get out of your car.

steering wheel locked on my car

How do I unlock the steering wheel of my car?

Now that we’ve found out why your steering wheel is locked, we’re going to look at the part that you’re probably most interested in, namely, how to unlock the steering wheel of your car? You’re probably at home and want to go to work, so it’s time to find the solution to your problem. There are 3 techniques to unlock the steering wheel of your car:

    • Disable the anti-theft system of your car?:
      This is the simplest technique and will surely be the solution to your problem. To do this, you just have to insert the key into the ignition cylinder of your car, then try to turn it, it should then normally be blocked (do not hesitate to consult our article which solves the problem of a key blocked on a car), to unlock the steering wheel of your car you will have to make it turn synchronously at the same time as you try to turn the key in the Neiman. The steering wheel should be locked but at least in one direction you should have a little bit of play which should allow you to do this micro rotation and therefore fix your steering wheel locked problem on your car.
    • Unscrew the barrel on your car:
      The second possibility is that if you have not been able to overcome the locked steering wheel of your car using the conventional method, you may be facing another problem and it is not your steering wheel lock system that is at fault. It may be that your cylinder has seized up over time. To unlock it you will have to use a spray, like the WD40 for example and spray the inside of the barrel, let it work for a few minutes before trying to unlock your steering wheel again. Be aware that if it works you will have to think about buying and changing the barrel of your car because eventually it will happen again.
    • Replace the lock cylinder of your car:
      Finally, last possibility, if despite having tried to unblock your cylinder, there is nothing to do, your steering wheel remains locked because your key does not want to turn, you just have to change the ignition switch of your car. This operation is not very complex if you have some basics in mechanics. You will only have to be careful to buy a model compatible with your car. Otherwise go to your mechanic who will be able to do this operation for you.