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You’ll find on our articles everything about your car problems. We’re here to help you fix problem the cheapest and smartest way!

We plan to solve more than 200 problems

We will mainly focus on basic problems that everyone can have on its car

It can be troubles with air conditioning, having trouble to start your car, not being able to lock it, anyway you don’t know how to fix…

How to change brake pads

We’ll teach you how to replace your old brake pads

How to turn on air con

Learn on this article the different ways to turn on the air conditioning 

How to reset tire sensor

It’s sometimes annoying learn how to fix this malfunction

How to install a hitch

Find the way to install a hitch and therefore be able to tow caravan or tray

How to change cabin filter

Find out the process to replace the cabin filter of your car

How to connect an Iphone

Learn on this tuto how to connect an iphone to your car

Leaking injector

If you face a leaking injector find here the differents origins and ways to fix this 

How to activate bluetooth

Bluetooth is more than usefull, You’ll find here the differents ways to activite it