Air conditioning is probably the most important specs on recent cars. Even though it was before reserved for high-end models, it has nowadays been democratized for the great majority of vehicles. Nevertheless, this costly and elaborate mechanism necessitates special care, and whether it’s for service or because of odours, it is definitely crucial to think about cleaning the air conditioning of your Audi A1. This is specifically what we will teach you in more detail in this document. First we will look in detail at the process to clean the air conditioning of your Audi A1, then in a second step, we will look more generally at the service of the air conditioning of your Audi A1.


How to clean my Audi A1 air conditioning

Let’s begin our document with the cleaning of the air conditioning circuit of your Audi A1. The only option to accomplish a full cleaning of this circuit will be to use bactericidal and fungicidal products, in reality, your air conditioning creates a lot of moisture that will stagnate in the circuit and will promote the creation of germs and bacteria of all kinds. You will find these items on the internet or in car centres. There are two methods to perform this, here they are

Clean the air conditioning system of your Audi A1 in the simple way

Once you have a disinfectant spray, you can very easily clean your car’s air-conditioning system.
The method is very simple, nevertheless, this technique can dirty the inside of your Audi A1.

  • Take off the cabin filter.
  • Install the disinfectant spray on the floor of your car (if possible on the passenger side).
  • Turn on your car’s ventilation and air conditioning (with the engine running) with air recycling
  • With the windows shut down, press the button on the bomb to empty it gradually and close the motor vehicle doors and leave it on for about ten minutes.
  • Once this time has passed, open the doors of your Audi A1, ventilation still on and let the passenger compartment air out for about 20 minutes.

This technique will allow you to quickly clean the air-conditioning system of your Audi A1, but if you have bad air-conditioning odours on your Audi A1 that are persistent, we encourage you to exercise the second technique.

Clean deeply the air-conditioning system of your Audi A1

Now let’s advance to the more radical approach of performing a cleaning of your ventilation system complete. You will have to purchase the same bactericidal and fungicidal product, it is only the application that will be distinct. Here is the procedure to follow:

  • Take off your cabin filter.
  • By the external air intake of your Audi A1 (between the bonnet and the windscreen), with the engine on and the ventilation on, spray several times for 5 seconds and leave all windows and doors shut down for A little bit.
  • Once this first part is performed you will be able to tackle the inside part of your air conditioning system, doing the same but not the inside air intake which is usually established under the glove box.
  • Finally, to finish, you can spray a few sprays into the vents of your Audi A1.
  • All you have to do is air out your car while the product dissipates before you can use it again.

Maintenance of the air-conditioning of its Audi A1

Finally, to conclude our document, we will give you the main suggestions to respect, if you desire to maximize the life of your air conditioning system on Audi A1 and limit unforeseen expenses.

  • Have your air conditioning serviced every year
  • Swap your cabin filter every two years.
  • Have your FREON gas recharged every two years.
  • lean the air-conditioning system on your Audi A1 every year.
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