Your car can generate basic tremors or vibrations, this is the basic principle of an internal combustion engine, at each explosion, the engine of your car will cause vibrations, that said, to limit them a whole system is provided to ensure that they are not unpleasant for you. If you feel the engine shaking on your car more than usual, it is better to take care of it because it can be a sign of malfunctions that can lead to the engine breaking down in the worst case. That’s why today we decided to write this article that will allow you to check if your engine vibrations on your car is linked to a particular problem and correct it if it is the case. To do so, we will discuss in turn all the causes of an engine that is shaking, and we will end with a small conclusion.

engine of my car shaking

The different causes of an engine shaking on my car

Engine shaking on my car because of the crankshaft pulley

First of the reasons that can cause your engine to vibrate on your car, is the crankshaft pulley. Indeed, this pulley, also called damper pulley, has the mission to reduce the vibrations of your engine, if it is damaged, the first symptom is that your engine will shake, remember to check its condition, because eventually it can lead to the breakage of your engine.

Engine shaking on my car because of the silent blocks

If you are a victim of an engine that shakes on your vehicle, it is possible that some of your engine silent blocks are at the end of their life. Now is the time to identify when the shaking occurs and from which part of your vehicle it comes. If it’s dull noises when you drive over speed bumps or bumps in the road, it could be your engine mounts that are in poor condition. So check their condition and change them if necessary.

My car engine is shaking cause of the spark plugs

Another possibility that can cause your engine to shake on your car is if one or more of your spark plugs are dirty or at the end of their life. Indeed, in this situation, the spark will not occur, and therefore the explosion in one or more of your cylinders will not occur. The consequence is that your engine will malfunction and will generate vibrations, so check the connections of your spark plugs and the state of the spark plugs themselves.
My engine is having some vibrations cause of the cardan shafts

Finally, sometimes it seems like the tremors come from the engine of our car, but in reality they come from other parts of the front end of your car. The most classic case is that your drive shafts are worn and shaking, this vibration will be felt in the steering wheel. Remember to check the condition of your drive shafts to eliminate this hypothesis.

engine car shaking

To conclude about your engine shakings

So there you have it, you’ve seen that, contrary to what you might think, the causes of an engine shaking on your car can be multiple, but not all of them are necessarily serious. However, you have to be on the lookout for what your car is telling you, because the price of a repair can quickly rise and you’re rarely financially prepared to deal with it. Be aware that sometimes, when it’s cold, your car can shake in a normal way because its operation is hampered by the cold outside temperature, which doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to change or repair your engine.