Taking care of your automobile is important in the present day, in fact, if you do not do the minimum routine service of it, or if you do not take note of symptoms of abnormality, you firmly risk to see your car withering away. This is specifically the subject we will be responding to in this article, one of the indicators that most disrupt car owners is a engine light on BMW i3. To try to help you evaluate this light, first we will discover what this engine light on BMW i3 corresponds to, then in a second what to do to turn off the engine light on BMW i3?.


Why is the engine light on my BMW i3 on?

The intent of the engine indicator light on your BMW i3 is to keep you notified of a motor troubles, it can be linked to many different concerns, and, dependent on how it manifests itself, will correspond to more or less serious failures. We are going to go over the 3 types of alerts of the engine light of your car

The motor light on my BMW i3 flashes or blinks every once in a while

First circumstance, and certainly the least difficult, is the circumstance where, occasionally you observe the motor light of your BMW i3 blinking, but which stops after a certain moment. In this circumstance, you likely encounter temporary malfunctions, most of the time it announces a component that is starting to give up but still works, so you have to think that most certainly in a few time you will have to consider a more or less significant repair.

The engine light of my BMW i3 is blinking or flashing all the time

If the engine light on your BMW i3 is flashing constantly, you should fairly quickly go to your repair shop to have a closer look at the origin of your issue. We even advise you to switch off the engine of your BMW i3 straight to avoid making the issue even worse, because a constantly flashing engine light on your car is the worst case that can happen to you and you are necessarily the victim of a “serious” breakdown.

The engine light on my BMW i3 comes on and stays on

At last, the last case of which you can be a victim is the circumstance where the engine light stays on constantly, in this last circumstance, you are definitely victim of a pollution issue. It is possible that some of your sensors analyze that your exhaust gazes do not comply with the standards that your BMW i3 must respect. You will need to go to your garage fairly quickly to verify the exact source of this issue and avoid a more severe breakdown.

How do I turn off the engine light on my BMW i3?

In this second part, we will accompany you to turn off the engine light on your BMW i3. This may seem difficult, but there is a fairly easy procedure to determine the exact source of your issue, here are the two possibilities available to you.

Use a diagnostic tool to turn off the motor light on your BMW i3

First option, the most affordable but which will need a little bit of hardware on your part, is to use a diagnostic tool or also called suitcase to read the fault code of your BMW i3 , do not think twice to examine our guideline on this subject matter if you want to have details on this technique. The interest is to reach the data of the ECU which records all the details of the various concerns and failures you may face, it will allow you to have clear info about your issue and therefore to get rid of it by yourself if you want to avoid paying the labor of a garage. Nevertheless, some concerns can be important and bring about technical repairs that will be complicated to accomplish without the help of a professional.

Go to a garage to have the engine light of your BMW i3 engine removed.

Second opportunity, as we told you in the previous section, nothing beats professional advice on technical concerns such as those you face if the engine light on your BMW i3 is on or flashing. He will be able to get the info from the ECU in detail and especially to understand it, a tricky step for people who don’t have special mechanical skills.

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