Some elements of your Subaru Impreza are fundamental, whether for your safety or that of other individuals, being sure that all these elements are operating properly is part of your legal and moral obligations. On this page, we are going to speak about one of these elements, your vehicle’s blinkers, the turn signals. Indeed, you may have a blinker problem on Subaru Impreza, whether it’s because they’re burned out, they make an unfamiliar noise, or whatever, we’re going to try to treat your worries today so that you can get back on the road with peace of mind. To do so, we will discover one by one various blinker trouble on Subaru Impreza and the solutions to remedy them.


The various blinker problems on Subaru Impreza and their solutions

We will so compose our content according to the form of blinker problem you are being confronted with on your Subaru Impreza. You should know that the turn signals are the only elements that allow other road users to know your changes in direction, so it is very important that they are in good working order.

Blinker problem that does not flash on one side on Subaru Impreza

If you are in the scenario in which, when you turn on your blinkers on the left or right side of your Subaru Impreza they do not light up while on the other side everything works properly. In this situation it may be that both of your blinker bulbs are burnt out, first step for you to verify the condition of your blinker bulbs, look at our content on changing the indicator bulb on Subaru Impreza if you don’t know how to do this technique. Keep in mind to verify the condition of the bulb socket, it may be oxidized and the electrical contact may be bad. If after examining the bulbs of the blinkers of your Subaru Impreza are not burnt out, you will have to remove the comodo of your turn indicators to verify that there is no false contact when you switch it on the troublesome side.

Problem no blinker lights on Subaru Impreza

Second blinker problem you may encounter on Subaru Impreza, none of your flashers light up. If you are in this situation there is a good chance that it is an electrical problem that is the cause of the turn signal incapacity. You will have to verify the turn signal fuse on your Subaru Impreza, please take a look at our content to locate it very easily. In most cases your fuse is blown, otherwise it could be the fuse relay that is causing the problem. Finally, if your fuses and relays are in good condition, verify that the flasher comodo is well powered.

Problem a blinker doesn’t light up on Subaru Impreza

Now the most regular case of blinker problems on Subaru Impreza, only one of your blinkers doesn’t work. In this situation, the problem is usually simple to fix and a change of a burnt-out bulb will be enough to solve it. If this is not enough, bear in mind to examine the condition of the bulb socket which could bring about a bad electrical contact and thus prevent the bulb from lighting up.

Blinker problem that lights up uncommonly on Subaru Impreza

Finally, the last problem you may encounter is that the turn indicators of your Subaru Impreza make a different noise when you turn them on or that they work randomly. Two situations, either you have a short circuit somewhere in your electrical installation or, your turn indicator unit is malfunctioning.


As seen sooner in this article, flashing lights are essential safety elements on your Subaru Impreza, you must always be certain that they are functioning correctly. No matter what the trigger of the flasher problem is, it must be cured as soon as possible because accidents happen fairly quickly and whether it’s a simple fender bender or something more serious, you are bound to be at fault.

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