Modern vehicles are more and more furnished with technology and although this brings us comfort, we unfortunately as well go through the drawbacks. Most of us are uncomfortable with anything electrical on our Volkswagen Beetle, let alone going near the fuses on it. In this post, we will try to help you to solve your fuse complications and specifically to find the car radio fuse on your Volkswagen Beetle. To do this, first, we will find out in which situations it may be relevant to change the motor vehicle radio fuse of your Volkswagen Beetle, then where is the car radio fuse of your Volkswagen Beetle .


Why change the car radio fuse on Volkswagen Beetle?

So let’s start our content on the location of the car radio fuse of your Volkswagen Beetle by the benefit of changing it. You may possibly experience like your fuse is blown but you’re not sure. It is necessary to know that a fuse functions as a safety device to prevent overvoltage on your Volkswagen Beetle . It will be a resistor, of a filament, more or less thick, which will let complete a certain tension and which will break if the tension is too strong. Hence the fact that they are transparent, you can verify them and confirm that the filament is still intact. In general, you will want to change the fuse of the car radio of a Volkswagen Beetle when it will no longer work for no apparent reason . If your battery is working effectively, it may be the fuse that is producing your issue.

Where is the head unit fuse on Volkswagen Beetle?

We will now search for the fuse in the head unit of your Volkswagen Beetle . The fuse is generally a 15 amp fuse, blue in color. However, based on the type of car radio you have it can be in two different spots. It is often linked to the 12-volt sockets on your centre console. We will find out the two places where the fuse of the car radio of your Volkswagen Beetle can be determined.

Setting the fuse of the original car radio to Volkswagen Beetle

If you still have the original head unit on your Volkswagen Beetle, your fuse should be in the interior fuse box of your vehicle . It should be behind a plastic cover near your driver’s seat. Please seek advice from your car instruction manual if you can’t locate it. Here are the steps to follow for the rest of the process:

  • Go through the instruction manual on the fuse box cover to locate the fuse of the car radio of your Volkswagen Beetle , it should be noted as “radio” or “sound system”
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  • Remove the car radio fuse attentively and verify its status.
  • If it is defective, change it with a new fuse , in any other case take your car to your mechanic so that he can have a closer look at the trigger of your issue.
  • After you change the car radio fuse, reassemble and test your car radio.

Fuse replacement on a head unit of a different produce on Volkswagen Beetle

Finally, we’ll find out the circumstance of a car radio bought in the shops, and how to locate the fuse of the car radio on Volkswagen Beetle in this scenario . Here are the different steps you have to follow to access this fuse:

  • Remove the car radio from your Volkswagen Beetle , generally you’ll have to use a punch to unlock the brackets on all four corners of the radio.
  • Behind the car radio of your Volkswagen Beetle, you should see on the power supply wires a single black fuse box, open it, it is in it that you will locate the fuse of the car radio of your Volkswagen Beetle
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  • It’s a clear glass fuse, so now you’ll be able to change the fuse on your Volkswagen Beetle

You now know how to locate your car radio fuse , if you are in search of other fuses like the starter fuse on Volkswagen Beetle, or the horn fuse, don’t hesitate to seek advice from our articles dedicated to these fuses.

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