Being the victim of constant noises on your car tends to be unpleasant, a car is so complex that it is most of the time tricky to find its origin and even more complicated to find the part that motives it. In case you too have already came accross a cold engine noise on your Volkswagen Caddy 3, we can clearly help you. In fact, we made the decision to produce this document to be able to inspect the main motives of an engine that rattles when cold on your Volkswagen Caddy 3. First we will take a look at engines that is rattling only at start up, then because of unsuitable oil and finally because of glow plugs.


The engine of my Volkswagen Caddy 3 is rattling only when starting

If the engine of your Volkswagen Caddy 3 produces a cold rattles, specifically when starting and which ends rather quickly afterwards, it is possible that your engine lubrication is responsible. In fact, the oil strainer (the part that sucks up the oil and makes it rise to the top of the engine) can be damaged and therefore take some time to make the oil rise when it is still very viscous. If this is your case, after a few tens of seconds the engine that slams your Volkswagen Caddy 3 should come back to normal operation because the lubrication of the engine will be done naturally, be sure you check the condition of the engine.

Engine of my Volkswagen Caddy 3 that rattles when cold because of too fluid oil

Another possibility which can justify an engine which cold rattling on your Volkswagen Caddy 3 is that during an oil change the selection of oil was not best, in reality, engine oils differ on their viscosity, which we will compare with the “W” value, the higher this value is the thicker the oil will be and vice versa. If a too fluid oil has been picked, it is possible that when cold, the lubrication it allows is not adequate to limit engine slamming, compare the oil used and the oil advised by the manufacturer, if your engine clicking is strong or if it persists on your Volkswagen Caddy 3, do not hesitate to replace it with the right oil.

Engine that rattles when cold on my Volkswagen Caddy 3 cause of the glow plugs

If you have a diesel engine, your engine is rattling when cold, and it has problems starting when it is cold, it may be your Volkswagen Caddy 3 glow plugs that are nearly good to be changed. In fact, a dead spark plug will trigger the connected cylinder not to heat up and will provoke a stronger rattles on an engine Volkswagen Caddy 3, so take into consideration diagnosing the state of your spark plugs independently using a multimeter, it may be that only one is concerned like all of them. Here, we have revealed to you, the main factors of an engine that cold slam on a car, do not hesitate to have a look at our page specialized to your car to find more information on all the breakdowns linked to your car.

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