Maintaining your automobile is something we all have to do to try to maximize the life of your car and avoid unforeseen expenses, yet even while servicing your automobile, you may still see a warning light on your dashboard. In this article we will try to help you understand why an orange light on your Audi A3 comes on. To get this done, first we will see what an orange light on your Audi A3 means, and secondly, we will review the different orange lights on Audi A3 that exist and their meanings.


Meaning of orange light indicator Audi A3

To begin with, we will try to show you to you the different information that your orange light can transmit to you. There are not only orange lights on your Audi A3 , but as well green and red lights. The green lights are in most cases alert lights , they signify when an option is activated by the driver (such as high beam on or eco mode on). The type of light you should be most cautious of is the red light on Audi A3 , the truth is, if you spot this kind of light coming on your dashboard you will have to turn off your engine immediately , of course, don’t get rid of your car in the middle of the motorway and wait until you are in a suitable space. This light in most cases announces an important breakdown.
There is as well another specificity for the orange lights of your Audi A3 , they can be either flashing or be fixed . If the orange light is flashing on your Audi A3 , it warns you to a severe problem , that if the orange light of your car persists fixed, in such a case it indicates a classic problem. Finally, if the amber light keeps fixed but has a tendency to go out after a while it is named a stealth problem, you will have to watch the evolution of this damage to know if the problem resolves itself or not.

The different orange lights on Audi A3

We will now one by one talking about the meaning of the orange lights on your Audi A3 , to help you distinguish the fault or problem you are struggling with.

Orange spring-shaped indicator on Audi A3

If you identify an orange spring-shaped light on your Audi A3 , it does not signify a problem, but only the glow plugs’ begin up . It is only present on diesel engines , and it activates at the moment when you turn on the ignition , you must wait until it goes out before you begin the engine.

Orange brake light on Audi A3

This orange circle-shaped sight glass surrounded by dashes , notifies you of brake pad wear . Nothing worrying at this time, but you should fairly quickly take into consideration changing your brake pads, in any other case you will lose braking power and risk destroying other auto parts.

Orange ABS warning light on Audi A3

This orange ABS warning light warns you to a fault in the ABS system on your Audi A3 . So pay attention to the braking, it might be that the anti-lock braking system is not functioning. If you would like more information about the ABS warning light on Audi A3, please browse our content on this theme to help you solve this problem.

Orange tyre pressure warning light on Audi A3

This light is symbolized by an exclamation mark in the middle of a circle not completely closed at the top and with pimples on its lower component. This orange light on Audi A3 , means as its name indicates that you have a lack of pressure one or more of your tires, do not think twice to seek advice from our content on the tire pressure light on Audi A3 for all the solutions associated with this problem.

Orange engine unit warning light Audi A3

This orange on Audi A3 implies as its name suggests that you are going through an engine unit problem on your car . in most cases associated with injection or pollution. To have details about the engine light on Audi A3, do not think twice to seek advice from our content on this problem to get detailed solutions to this one.

Orange ESP warning light on Audi A3

This orange light with a slipping car means that you are going through a failure of your lane correction system , so be careful in curves, we suggest you to go fairly quickly to your mechanic.

Orange airbag light indicator on Audi A3

This orange light on xXX signifies a risk of an airbag not triggering in the event of an accident or a non functional belt restraint system, make sure to have it examined fairly quickly.

orange power steering warning light on Audi A3

This orange light indicates a failure of your power steering mechanism , you should experience more difficulty in turning your steering wheel.

Orange fuel gauge light Audi A3

If the orange fuel light is lit on your Audi A3 , it means that you are in reserve , you will have to fill up fairly quickly. If you want to know how many kilometers you can do on low with your Audi A3, take a look at our content on this theme.

Other orange lights on Audi A3

Your dashboard may have other orange lights on your Audi A3, most of them will warn you of a non urgent fault, but you should be aware of them fairly quickly and check their origin. Verify your vehicle manual for points of the meaning of these orange lights on your car .

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