Keeping an eye on your car is necessary in the present day, in truth, if you do not do the minimum maintenance of it, or if you do not take into account signals of abnormality, you strongly risk to see your car becoming unpleasant to use. This is precisely the subject we are going to discuss in this article, one of the symptoms that most interferes with motorists is the key indicator light on Tesla Model Y dash . To try to help you analyze this light, first we will see what this key light on Tesla Model Y points, then in a second how to proceed if the key light is lit on Tesla Model Y? .


What does the key light on Tesla Model Y mean?

So we start our content with the meaning of a key indicator light on Tesla Model Y dash , it may be that in addition to the key you have the logo of a car next to it. Be aware that the most important action of this light is to notify you that it’s time to service your Tesla Model Y , nevertheless, this light can also have other explanations, even dozens of them. To find the origin of this problem the best remedy will be to run your Tesla Model Y through the diagnostic too l, if you don’t know how to get this done procedure, you can discover all the needed info to conduct this act in our dedicated content. We will try in the following list to give you the maximum info on the most important alert information it can send you:

  • An oil replace done without resetting the indicator: If you have done your oil replace by yourself, it is most likely that you have not thought of resetting the oil change indicator of your Tesla Model Y, here is the procedure to get this done small reset of the key light of your car.
  • Oil level problem: It is possible that the oil level sensor is suggesting that the oil level is too low.
  • EGR Valve: Another possibility is that the key light on your Tesla Model Y is on because your EGR valve is dirty, frequently the case if you are driving short distances or not pushing the gears of your vehicle.
  • Glow plugs: At last, the last and most general cause of an orange wrench light on Tesla Model Y is that your glow plugs are getting tired.

What if the orange key light on Tesla Model Y is on?

We are now going to proceed to the second part of our content and try to present you the solutions to each of the problems described in the previous part and therefore how to proceed if I see the wrench light on your Tesla Model Y? To achieve this, we will take turns answering each of the problems you may possibly face:

  • Reset the drain indicator light: As we explained earlier in this article, a basic reset of the indicator light on your Tesla Model Y will be enough to turn off the key indicator and restart it for a cycle of 10 000km or 1 year, see our content to conduct this process.
  • Oil level problem: This is a very basic problem and the easiest to correct. You will just have to verify your oil level, we suggest you to take the opportunity to check all your oil levels.
  • EGR Valve: In the case of a light that comes on due to the EGR valve, you will need to have the details of this fault code through the diagnostic tool. Once you are sure of the origin of the problem, you can try to clean your car by pushing the gears (hot engine), otherwise disassemble and clean the EGR valve of your Tesla Model Y, we made a guide to help you to do it. Otherwise, go to a garage and prepare to pay a few hundred euros.
  • Glow plugs: Finally, if your problem comes from your glow plugs, the procedure to change them is quite basic and you won’t need more than 40 euros worth of glow plugs.

There, you now know everything about the wrench light on Tesla Model Y , we hope this content has helped you solve your problem.

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