You’re sick and tired of listening to cassettes and only being able to listent to the radio, while your phone is filled with your preferred tracks but you don’t have a jack or usb port on your car radio, so you can’t appreciate your car trips to the fullest… That’s precisely why we’ve created this content page to help you, because in this article you’re going to find out how to install a car radio on your Honda CR V. To get this done, first we will see how to remove the old car radio, then how to install a car radio on Honda CR V and at last, how to connect it.


How to install car radio on Honda CR V: Removing the old car stereo

Before we get down to the serious business of how to install a car stereo on your Honda CR V, there is one necessary task, remove the audio set you already have on your car. There are two cases, either you have an original headunit, or you have an universal set. Before you start taking out, always remember to remove the negative wire from the battery to prevent any risk of short-circuit or electrocution. Once this is conducted, here are the two solutions dependant upon the stereo that equips your Honda CR V:

  • Original car radio:
    In this case, you’ll have to be persistent, generally speaking, the simple usage of extracting clamps in the 4 holes in the corners of the car radio should be enough to remove it. But on some specific models of specific years, this process will not be enough to remove the old car radio from your Honda CR V. Indeed, you will need to remove certain parts of the centre console to access the car radio itself. To get this done, you will need to use a screwdriver to remove the plastic covers that are in the way. Once you have access to the station, remember to disconnect all the connections.
  • Aftermarket radio :
    In this scenario the method is less difficult, you will just have to use the extracting clamps and press on the 4 corners of your station to make it come out of its place. Once this step is conducted, remember to unplug it and remove the metal frame that supports it in the notch of the center console. That’s it, you’ve finished dismantling your old car radio, all you have to do is install the new one!

How to install car radio on your Honda CR V: Fitting and connecting the car radio

Let’s go to the essential part for you, how to install a car stereo on your Honda CR V. Before you start, spend some time to examine the compatibility of your car and your headunit, and to read the installation instructions, which may give you specific recommendations.
Here are the various steps required in installing an aftermarket car radio. To begin with, put in place the metal frame provided with your new car radio, this frame has the role of holding your car radio in place on your Honda CR V, once placed, remember to press the locking tabs on each side of the frame. Once this step has been carried out, you will need to connect the three plugs of your car radio, two ISO connectors for power supply and sound transfer to the speakers of your Honda CR V, then the radio antenna socket. For the latter, on some models you may need an adapter to transform it from male to female to be able to adapt it to the socket of your new radio. Finally, all you have to do is push your car radio into the metal frame, snap it into place, and position the plastic or metal frame provided with it on its contour. That’s it, you’ve just learned how to install a car radio on Honda CR V, remember to check that the radio is switched on, that the sound is working and that you’re picking up the radio and you’re ready to enjoy your new car radio. If you have other problems, or want to learn more about your car, don’t think twice to visit our page dedicated to it.

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