Having a wide motor vehicle is enjoyable, you have a considerable interior room, whether you need to easily carry several passengers, go on vacation, relocate, or any other project that will require interior volume. However, not most people are lucky enough to have large vehicles, so in some cases you have to fold down the back seat of your Ram P/U to gain a little volume. While this procedure may appear basic, on some vehicles it’s not necessarily user-friendly. To support you carry out this job, our team decided to create this content to explain to you how to fold the back seat of your Ram P/U depending to the system uour car is equipped with. To do this, first we will look at the rear seat belt systems, then the push button systems and finally the pull-down systems.


How to fold down the back seat of my Ram P/U: Model with string / strap

First, we start this content by looking at the Ram P/U models that are outfitted with a system for folding the rear seats with straps or strings. This type of feature is not the most traditional, but dependant on the year and series of your Ram P/U, it is possible that yours itself is equipped. To examine this, nothing could be less complicated, look between the seats, whether on the seat part or on the backrest part accessible from the boot, you should see coloured straps or strings show up between the gaps of the seats. Once you’ve discovered the gaps, you’ll basically have to pull on them while pushing the seat back simultaneously to fold it down. You must duplicate the process for each of the seats or sections of your bench depending to the layout you have. Now you’ve just revealed the first option of how to fold the back seat of your Ram P/U.

How to fold down the back seat of my Ram P/U: Knob model at the level of the backrests.

Let’s continue with the second option. This one is carried out on different types of benches. In fact, the push button model is more classic, we will focus on the method to adopt to fold the back seat of your Ram P/U if you have buttons located at the level of the backrests / headrests of your bench. This layout is more classic and you should be able to do it even simpler. You will need to identify these buttons, usually there are two, one at each end of the seat, close to the upper seat belt clip, and once found, come at the same time, one by one, to operate them and push the seat back to flip it forward and fold down the rear seat of your Ram P/U.

How to fold down the rear seat of my Ram P/U: Pull button model at seat level

Finally, the last option that will tell you how to fold down the back seat of your Ram P/U is the versions that are outfitted with buttons / levers that are located between the seats of your car. at the level of the seat belt locking clip. These are levers that will need to be operated to release the movement of the backrests of the rear seat of your Ram P/U. Always the same process, you will have to perform the action of pressing on the backrests simultaneously with the pressure on the lever. If you need even more space in your motor vehicle, you may be interested in discovering how to remove the rear seat of your Ram P/U.

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