You have only just purchased a new car, or you just been aware of Android Auto and you too want to experience it. This is quite normal, why deprive yourself of free of charge and efficient program, whether to listen to your music, use the gps, or make calls, the application is perfect. In this content we will demonstrate how to connect Android Auto to your Citroen C15. To do this, first, we will look into what Android Auto is and what it is used for, then we will go forward to installing Android Auto and connecting to your Citroen C15, and to finish what solution is existing to you if your Citroen C15 is not equipped with Android Auto compatible devices.


Android Auto on Citroen C15, what is it?

You’ve already read about Android Auto, but you don’t understand really what it is all about? We will simply describe the function of this application and what pros there may be in setting it up on your Citroen C15. Android Auto is a Google software, it is designed to incorporate all your mobile phone into your automobile. Indeed, Google has figured out that today’s vehicles lack integrated technology. They have as a consequence thought about the best technique to incorporate their operating system into your car. Their service offers some important benefits that will improve your automobile experience. Additionally, it will give you the possibility to stay connected without taking any risks while driving. activating Android Auto on Citroen C15 gives you access to a number of advantages, voicis:

  • Keep the best of your mobile phone on the screen of your Citroen C15
  • To be able to call someone on the speakers of your automobile
  • Listen to your preferred music with Google Music or your classic software programs like Spotify or Deezer
  • Monitor your mobile phone by voice
  • Have your messages read to you, dictate your answers to Android Auto which will transform them into a written message

How to connect Android Auto on Citroen C15?

In this second part, we will look into the approach to do to set up Android Auto on Citroen C15. Whether you have a compatible screen or not, there is a way to benefit of this service that will make your car journeys more pleasant.

Tutorial: Activating Android Auto on your Citroen C15

Now is the time to install Android Auto on your Citroen C15. Thanks to this article we will detail the different steps of this procedure, and put you on alert on the elements that can pose trouble, here we go:

  • Verify the compatibility of your smart phone with Android Auto (minimum version 5.1 Lollipop), make sure to update your mobile phone if it is not up to date.
  • Download the Android Auto application from your Google Play
  • Start the Android Auto application, it will verify, at its first opening, that all the necessary applications are up to date.
  • Once all authorizations, and terms of use approved, you will be able to finalize the activation of Android Auto on your Citroen C15
  • Connect your phone with Bluetooth on your automobile, if you don’t know how to do it, browse our article on to connect or activate Android Auto on your Citroen C15 to find out how to do it.
  • Once your phone is connected via Bluetooth on your car, launching the application should connect Android auto to your Citroen C15.
  • If this connection does not work, try to connect it first in USB (ignition on) and then activate Bluetooth afterwards

I don’t have a compatible screen on my Citroen C15 but I still want to benefit from Android Auto:

In case, after verifying, your Citroen C15 is not compatible with Android Auto, you still have the choice to use this service in another way. Indeed, you will be able to use your phone’s screen as an Android Auto interface. For that, nothing could be easier:

  • Download Android Auto to your mobile phone
  • Configure the application as explained above (authorizations, conditions of use)
  • Start the application and you will have access to its interface and you can now enjoy all the positive aspects of Android Auto in your Citroen C15 without having a compatible screen.
  • Whenever you have any further questions about the Citroen C15, do not hesitate to consult our Citroen C15 category.