Vehicle maintenance is one of the most important tasks you need to do if you want to keep your automobile in good condition and avoid unforeseen equipment failures that would require you to spend a lot of cash. Some maintenance work seem obvious to almost everyone, just like oil and filter replacing, but for others you might not always be aware of them. Today we’re going to look into a less known but equally significant maintenance task, how to change the cabin filter on my Opel Crossland? To do this, first we’ll discover where the cabin filter on your Opel Crossland is, and secondly how to change this famous filter, as well known as pollen filter.


Where is the cabin filter on my Opel Crossland?

So let’s start our short post with location of the cabin filter on your Opel Crossland. According to the year of your automobile and the series, the filter can be found in three different places, we will now describe these locations.

Passenger compartment filter situated in the engine compartment

To find the cabin filter of your Opel Crossland?, we suggest you to check out the side of the engine compartment, in truth, it is one of the most chosen spots for car producers. This is just mainly because this is where the Opel Crossland’s external air intake is positioned. This is where your vehicule will supply air to your passenger compartment. It is most of the time placed just under the windscreen, at the level of the air vents, you can access it through the bonnet of your motor vehicle, it will be in a plastic box.

Cabin filter which is below the glove box of an Opel Crossland

The second possible location for the cabin filter on your Opel Crossland is under the glove compartment of your car. This is the simplest place to access, you will just have to lie down and look under your glove box and you should identify a black box containing the pollen filter, just unclip it to access your filter.

Cabin filter which is under the dashboard of your Opel Crossland

Finally, last spot where the cabin filter on your Opel Crossland can be found is below your dashboard, to access it you will have to take out your glove box which is almost always held by clips or a screw. Now that this is done, you should see the black box it is in.

How to change the cabin filter of my Opel Crossland?

Finally, we will now teach you how to change the cabin filter of your Opel Crossland? Although this is a rather common step, it must be done at the right time to avoid complications on your automobile.

When to change the cabin filter on Opel Crossland?

The big query for many Opel Crossland owners is when to change this filter, because we know that you have to change it every 20,000 kilometres; don’t hesitate to read our short post on the removal of the service indicator light; nevertheless, for the cabin filter, it’s a whole other question. It should be changed every year if you use your automobile regularly or every two years if you drive in the country side and only make short trips. The purpose of this filter is to filter out air pollutants, allergens and exhaust fumes. Do not hesitate to change it more frequently if you drive in city.

How to take out the cabin filter on my Opel Crossland?

Last but not least, the last step that certainly attracts you to this publication, how to take out the cabin filter from your Opel Crossland? This step is actually very simple. Once you’ve found the location of the filter, all you have to do is to unclip the box in which it is located and carefully pull it out. Be careful when taking it out to look carefully in which direction it is positioned (you will often find an arrow that gives the direction of the air), so remember to position your new filter in the same direction. You just have to close and re-clip the box and you’re done changing the cabin filter of your Opel Crossland.

If perhaps you have any additional questions about the Opel Crossland, do not hesitate to consult our Opel Crossland category.