Whether it’s for your personal safety, for roadworthiness testing or to avoid a fine, being certain your headlamp bulbs are always functional is necessary. In reality, bulbs are wearing parts that will surely burn out with time and as a result need to be swapped out. You’re almost certainly in this article because one of your position lamp is burnt out and you’re wondering how to change the bulb of my Infiniti M parking light, we’ve created this content to help you do this procedure by yourself and not need to go to your motor mechanic. In a first step, we will look into replacing the front daytime running light bulb of your motor vehicle and in a second art, how to change the rear daytime running light.


How to change the front parking light bulb of my Infiniti M?

We will begin this document with exchanging the front daytime running light bulb of your Infiniti M, take notice that according to the year and finish of your motor vehicle it may not be quite the same technique to use. In reality, regardless if the position of your bulb is not going to change, the access may be more or less complicated depending on the features of your car.

First technique, we will accomplish the bulb change of your daytime running light without taking out the headlight of your Infiniti M. Although this technique is the most basic, it is not assured that you will be able to do it on your car without encumbrance. In reality, depending on the versions and the year, on some models there will not be enough space for you to change the bulb by doing this. Here are the two different methods to change the bulb of the front parking light of your Infiniti M:.

  • Going through the bonnet of your car: First methodology, you will only go through the bonnet of your car to direct access your headlight unit. This is the most rational process but it is not always easy to achieve, often because of secondary auto parts that will block your access. To achieve this, here are the steps to carry out. First, with the engine off, disconnect the terminals of your battery to avoid any short circuit or risk of electrocution. Now that this stage has been done, you will need to access the back of your headlight unit to change the daytime running light bulb on your Infiniti M. You may possibly need to remove the battery for easier access. In this instance, you will need to open the bulb protection cap on your headlight (¼ generally does the job), then you will need to remove the bulb socket from its area. To achieve this, pull gently on the socket and not on the wires (you risk damaging them), finally now that the socket is out, you can change your parking lamps bulb, being careful not to damage the wires and use a cloth to avoid dirtying your new bulb. Once finished, reassemble the system, reconnect your battery and perform a check test before taking to the road.
  • By taking out the crosshair grill and the headlight:
  • Second alternative, you can remove the headlight of your Infiniti M if the access through the engine block seems too difficult. To do so, you just have to open your bonnet, remove the front grill held by only a few torx screws, then remove the headlight in question. Once these actions are done you will simply have to follow the same method as on the previous section to change the front daytime running light bulb of your Infiniti M


How to change the rear parking light bulb on your Infiniti M

To conclude, if you need to change the rear parking light bulb of your Infiniti M the method is much easier, here are the different steps to follow to allow you to change this bulb:

  • Disconnect your battery
  • Get the floorboards out of the trunk.
  • Unscrew the back cover of the headlight unit from your car.
  • After locating the rear position lamps bulb on your car, remove the burnt-out bulb.
  • Place your new parking light bulb into the headlamp assembly on your car
  • Reassemble the whole thing.

Verify that your parking lights are functioning correctly again before you set off again and you’re done. If you want to change the fog light bulb on your Infiniti M, please go through our specific content page to discover how to do it.

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