Your car’s handbrake is actually a required basic safety feature according to the highway code, in fact , it aims to end your Mazda CX 3, even on the slight slope. It must be in addition to the main brake controls. It is possible that after a while the cable system of the hand brake will loosen up and you will not pass the technical control or you might feel that it can be no longer blocking your car. To address these challenges, we will look at how to adjust the hand brake on your Mazda CX 3 . To do this, first we will see the adjustment of a manual handbrake on Mazda CX 3 , after that, in a second step, how to adjust an automatic handbrake, and ultimately the price of the service performed by a professional.


Adjusting a manual handbrake on Mazda CX 3?

Therefore we start off our article with the hand brake adjustment of a Mazda CX 3 in its manual version. This version works in a basic way with a system of cable and anchoring screws that allow you to manage the tension from the device and so to modify the stroke from the lever of your handbrake. To act on it you must act on these types of screws to be able to expand the handbrake cable of your Mazda CX 3 . In any case, ahead of adjusting the hand brake, you must make sure that your rear end wheels are not blocked during the adjustment. Make sure you find below the detailed treatment to carry out this intervention:

  • On the level of the handbrake, remove the plastic console that protects it using the torx screws and clips.
  • Once completed, you should see a trapdoor in your handbrake, open it up to see the screw and cable system.
  • You need to locate the locknuts and loosen them with a wrench tool to allow you to replace the cable pressure.
  • Now screw on the lock nuts upon both sides, make certain to make the exact changes on both sides to keep a balanced braking, and make sure that the hand brake handle of your Mazda CX 3 has a stroke of about three notches.
  • Tighten the locknuts and test out the locking of the rims of your car, if it’s good you can reassemble the set, otherwise tighten up again the tightening anchoring screws until you get an optimal setting

If you don’t have access to the handbrake flap of your Mazda CX 3, the adjustment will probably be precisely the same but it really will be done by passing underneath your car at the level of the handbrake handle. Be sure to place your car on the stand ahead of any actions.

How do I adjust the automatic handbrake of my Mazda CX 3?

Second system of handbrake adjustment upon Mazda CX 3 , this is an automatic handbrake, in contrast to the manual one, this is done directly on the brake drums or perhaps calipers, and it is expected to change automatically towards the wear of your brake shoes or brake pads. It may be that if you quickly have to buy brake pads, the handbrake will suffer power, listed below are the steps for taking to check if the strain of your handbrake is the right one:

  • Be aware that an automatic handbrake can’t be adjusted straight because it is likely to adapt on its own to the put on of the brake pads or shoes of your Mazda CX 3.
  • You can even now check that the system is working properly by simply putting the car on the stand and checking out by driving under the car that the disc brake pads are still in good working order.
  • For drum brakes it will be required to take apart the brakes to check the state of the shoes, we suggest you to have it performed by a specialist.
  • Be sure you replace your brake pads if you need to.

What is the cost of adjusting the handbrake of Mazda CX 3 by a specialist?

Finally, if you do not feel comfortable with this procedure, especially since it questions a safety component of your car, namely the adjustment from the handbrake of your Mazda CX 3 , we inform you to go to a technician that can adjust the handbrake to get a about fifty euros . If you have problems with vibrations when braking on Mazda CX 3, do not hesitate to refer to our article which relates to this problem.

If you have any additional questions about the Mazda CX 3, do not hesitate to consult our Mazda CX 3 category.