Newer automobiles incorporate an increasingly spectacular number of options. Whether it’s bluetooth to hear the music on your phone, WiFi to keep the internet connection, or integrated GPS, motor vehicle manufacturers have not finished surprising us. Today we’re going to concentrate on a very useful option that can handicap you if it doesn’t function. Obviously, we are going to help you to fix problems of GPS which doesn’t work anymore on a Mini Mini . To do this, first, we will find out how the GPS of a motor vehicle works, then, why the GPS of a Mini Mini isn’t functioning? And, at last, how to correct it.


How does a Mini Mini GPS work?

Before discovering why the GPS of your Mini Mini doesn’t work anymore , we will first check out how it works so that you can discover all the auto parts of this article.
We now know all the GPS on Mobile phones that help us significantly in our everyday life, nevertheless we do not always know how they operate, here is a list of their main features:

  • The GPS of a Mini Mini works like all devices using this technology, they use the network of satellites in earth orbit (24 satellites at 20 000km altitude). These satellites allow you to triangularize the position of the GPS device and thus give exact information on the position of your Mini Mini. It is required to capture 4 satellites at the same time to have exact information, hence the reception bugs when you are in landlocked or mountainous areas.
  • A playback screen and touch or button controls to interact and set it up.
  • Use your radio’s antenna to optimise GPS reception. That’s why a motor vehicle GPS will be more correct and powerful than a Smartphone GPS.

Why is the GPS on my Mini Mini not functioning anymore?

Now we’ll proceed to the GPS problems on your Mini Mini . There are few of them, we will try to list them all so that you can discover an explanation for your GPS not working anymore:

  • The GPS of my Mini Mini doesn’t pick up the signal anymore: If you have complications with the reception of the GPS signal on your Mini Mini, if you have no signal reception at all or if it bugs recurrently, you must have an antenna issue. Obviously, it is the antenna that will take care of improving the show of your GPS. It is possible that you have endured the bug of April 6, 2019 which concerns the GPS of the years 2000, we describe later how to correct it.
  • The GPS of my Mini Mini gives me bad navigation information: If the GPS of your Mini Mini gives you bad information and has a tendency to get lost or mislaid, it is highly possible that you have a mapping issue, indeed, the road network is regularly changing and it is possible that your cartography is not up to date.
  • My GPS screen is frozen: : Well, if your GPS screen bugs, freezes, or doesn’t react, you’re likely impacted by an electrical issue or a bug in the operating system of your Mini Mini’s GPS.
  • How do you correct the GPS on a Mini Mini?

    We now proceed to the last part of our content which will allow you to repair the buggy GPS of your Mini Mini . To get this done, we will review in turn the complications that we identified in the previous part and give you the solution to each of them:

    • GPS reception complications Mini Mini: If you have reception complications, whether regular or continuing, the issue will undoubtedly result from your reception equipment, i. e. the antenna on your roof. So make sure that it has not been subjected to any shock, twisting or other damage, if this is the circumstance, replace it with a new one.
    • GPS Mini Mini bug of April 6, 2019: This bug is now well known by the retailers, it’s a software issue, obviously, every 20 years there is a issue with the management of the date of the GPS software, and this date arrived on April 6, 2019, many old generation GPS stopped functioning. To correct this issue, just go to the settings of your GPS and change the date manually.
    • GPS Mini Mini mapping complications: In this situation, if your GPS gives you bad information, you will have to update the GPS of your Mini Mini, don’t hesitate to consult our content page on this subject to identify the procedure to stick to. This may as well fix some operating system bugs.
    • Finally, if your GPS doesn’t turn on anymore and the screen freezes, you are most likely going through an electrical problem . We advise you to check the condition of the fuses. If it’s the screen of your Mini Mini that doesn’t work anymore, we’ve made an article to help you fix this problem.

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