With wintertime coming, automobiles often suffer, the most common scenario is to have troubles starting your Infiniti QX60 early in the day with very low temperatures. Generally this is associated with problems recharging the battery of your Infiniti QX60 . There are some causes that can explain why your battery does not recharge correctly anymore, and today we will try to help you to resolve this problem that can prevent you from using your motor vehicle. To do this, first we will explain how recharging your car battery works, then the different problems of recharging a Infiniti QX60, and at last how to recharge an empty car battery.


How does recharging the battery of a Infiniti QX60 work?

Before we detail the different complications of recharging the battery on a Infiniti QX60 , we will explain to you how its recharging system works so that you can discover the complications you are struggling with. A motor vehicle battery works like a phone battery, it will store energy to start your Infiniti QX60 , turn on your headlights, play music, lower your power windows… Nevertheless all these actions will consume energy and it might deplete the energy reserve that your battery can store. To overcome this problem, the engineers have designed a component called the alternator , this component will use the energy created by the engine unit of your Infiniti QX60 to produce energy thanks to a copper coil and a magnet. This energy will recharge the battery of your motor vehicle . Nevertheless, take into account that this process can only work when your motor vehicle is running, using electrical elements of your motor vehicle when it is stopped will drain the energy reserve of your motor vehicle. It is considered that a battery of a xxx has a life span of 3 to 5 years.

Problems recharging a Infiniti QX60’s battery

We will now describe the different battery charging complications on a Infiniti QX60 you may be victim of. If your battery is not recharging because there is necessarily a problem in your electrical installation, we will now see the different cases.

Battery charging problem on Infiniti QX60: My battery is discharging regardless if I am recharging it with a specific charger

In this first case, it is quite possible that your alternator is dead , indeed, if you control to recharge your battery with a charger and your Infiniti QX60 to start, the problem certainly comes from your alternator which should not be able to produce any more current.

Battery charging problem on Infiniti QX60: My motor vehicle shuts off and does not start regardless if I have charged the battery

If you have recharged your battery and you have managed to start your Infiniti QX60 but it switches off although you are driving and then does not start, the problem with recharging the battery of your Infiniti QX60 is that your battery no longer holds the charge .

Battery charging problem on Infiniti QX60: My battery is discharged nevertheless it is new

If you’ve just bought a battery and it discharges although you’re driving, the problem most probably comes from your alternator. It cannot result from your battery, which is new and therefore holds the charge. The second opportunity is that you have a ground somewhere in your electrical system.

How to resolve the problem of battery charging on Infiniti QX60?

We will now give you the solutions according to the problem you are struggling with. Here are the different complications and their solutions:

  • Faulty alternator: You can try with basic mechanics to verify it with a pressure gauge to find out if it’s producing power. If it doesn’t, changing it is the best solution, depending on your motor you will pay a few hundred euros. This repair is feasible in case your alternator is accessible.
  • Battery that no longer holds the charge: In this case, the purchase of a new battery is the only realistic solution. Obviously, if you have already recharged it but it is still empty because it is good to be changed, count between 60 and 100 euros depending on your engine.
  • Ground in the electrical circuit: If you cannot start your Infiniti QX60 but your alternator and battery are in good condition, it is possible that you have a ground on your wiring harness and that you lose energy, a verify by a motor vehicle electrician is in this case necessary.

How to recharge an empty battery of a Infiniti QX60

At last, to recharge the empty battery of a Infiniti QX60 there are only few solutions, using a battery charger is the most efficient solution, you can locate some for 50 to 100 euros at vendors like Oscaro. In any other case you can use cables that will only provide the energy needed to begin.

Whenever you have any further questions about the Infiniti QX60, do not hesitate to consult our Infiniti QX60 category.