We will try again in this article to help you to fix the small complications related to your car. We have recently seen how to unblock a fuel door, or a tank cap, in this article we will focus on an irritating problem that can be dangerous in bad climate conditions, being a victim of wiper stuck on GMC Yukon XL . And to answer this, we will first try to discover why the wipers on your GMC Yukon XL remain stuck and, secondly, how to unblock them.


Why does the wiper of my GMC Yukon XL stay stuck?

So we will begin our content with the explanations of the stuck wipers of your GMC Yukon XL . To begin with we will focus on the front wipers and in a second time on the rear wiper.

Why are the front wipers on my GMC Yukon XL stuck in up or down position?

We will proceed through one by one the different complications that can cause the front wipers of your GMC Yukon XL to get stuck :

  • One of the most general motives of front wipers getting stuck on your GMC Yukon XL is related to the engine that drives them, in reality, these engines can, over time, lose power, and ultimately need to be changed. You should find out before the total blockage of your windshield wipers that they work much slower.
  • Less general, but it can still happen, is that your front wiper blades are blocked as a result of an object that prevents the blades from functioning, have a look up to the axis of the blades.
  • If it is a lack of lubrication, you will find that your front wipers are going slower, check fairly quickly the cause of the problems or else the engines will be forced and damaged.
  • It is possible that the front wipers of your GMC Yukon XL may not work as a result of a defective comodo. To test this, you need to disconnect the output wires and connect them together, if the wipers are functioning, the comodo is responsible for the problem.
  • Finally, last possibility, the front wipers of your GMC Yukon XL are blocked as a result of a power failure, so you will have to check two parts, the relay and the fuse.

Why is the rear window wiper on my GMC Yukon XL stuck?

Concerning the stuck rear window wiper of your GMC Yukon XL , the origins of your complications are more or less the same. Although there is only one wiper blade at the rear of your car, there are still some dedicated parts that can cause complications only on the rear windshield of your GMC Yukon XL. So, make sure you execute similar checks as seen in the previous component of this content.

What can I do to unlock the wiper on my GMC Yukon XL?

Finally, for this second part, we will see what solutions are available to you to ensure that the wipers on your GMC Yukon XL are unlocked and that they work effectively again.

How to unlock the wipers of my GMC Yukon XL?

If it is for the front windshield wipers or the rear windshield wiper, the solutions will be similar and we will detail them one after the other in this component, it is up to you to adapt them to the component that concerns you. If you have other blocking complications such as a fuel door stuck on GMC Yukon XL, do not think twice to seek advice from our article on this problem.

  • In this case, you will have to identify the engine, then disconnect the power cables of this one (be careful there must be several of them related to the different speeds of sweeping), then remove the brushes and the linkage. Finally, you will have to unscrew these anchoring points which are generally fixed on silentblocks and reassemble a new wiper motor on your GMC Yukon XL
  • .

  • In this situation, it will be quite simple but expensive to replace your commodo, the component generally costs around 200€, once tested you will have the ability to disassemble your commodo by removing the cover from the back of the steering wheel then disconnecting it and removing it with the fixing screws, you will just have to reassemble the new one.
  • GMC Yukon XL wiper blocked because of a power failure: In this last situation, you will have to identify the source of the failure (fuse or relay) and replace the defective component


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