Nevertheless newer cars are becoming better and better insulated, they are still furnaces in the summer. One of the easiest techniques to fairly quickly dissipate this heat in the summer, or help you get reduce the mist in the winter, is to open your windows when you drive. Nevertheless, in some cases your windows may not open or may get stuck open or close . In this case, what should I do if I have a window stuck on my Audi A4? This is precisely what we will try to answer in this article, first we will discover the circumstance of a manual window stuck on Audi A4, and secondly the circumstance of a power window.


Manual window stuck on Audi A4

The systems between a power window and a manual window are different, nevertheless, if the window of your Audi A4 is stuck in the open or closed position , it will not replace much on the technical side, but in the open position it is necessarily more irritating, you risk to have your car stolen, or to have problems with bad weather and that the inside of your Audi A4 moulds or has electrical complications because of humidity.

Why is the manual window of my Audi A4 stuck?

If you are in the circumstance where the manual window of your Audi A4 is stuck in either the open or closed position, there are two most important motives that can explain this blockage:

  • The window regulator cable is tangled or destroyed: This will prevent the mechanism from elevating or lowering the window.
  • Seals or glass guides are broken: They prevent the glass from moving up and down correctly.

How to open the stuck manual window on my Audi A4?

Now we have seen why the manual window of your Audi A4 is locked in the open or closed position. We will now focus on the alternatives available to you so that you can unblock the window of your Audi A4 . To get this done, you don’t need very advanced mechanical understanding, the manual mechanisms are actually quite very easy. You will have to take out the seal from your door to access the window lifter mechanism. With a visual verify, you will fairly quickly identify if some elements are damaged like the window supports or a lever arm, if the cable is tangled or if the rails are broken, which will block the window of your Audi A4. If it’s just the rails you can try to put them back in web site and lubricate it, otherwise you will have to replace the part, for that you will have to first take out the glass attentively to access the systems to be changed securely.

Electric window stuck on Audi A4

Now let’s move on to the most known circumstance, a power window blocked on Audi A4 . In actual fact, electric windows are necessarily more difficult than manual windows and therefore necessarily bring their share of additional complications.

Why is the power window on my Audi A4 stuck?

So let’s start with the possible origins of a window blocked on Audi A4:

  • Defective window winder motors: In actual fact, it’s one of the most general causes for window winder failure, as these motors tire over time and can be rendered useless. In general you can discover this because before they resign totally, they start to tire and the window rises less and less fairly quickly.
  • One of the gears of the window lift system seizes or breaks, in this case you should notice a particular noise when you press the window lift button.
  • As with the manual window lifter, one of the cables may break or get tangled in the drum of the mechanism, furthermore you should notice a noise when activating the window of your Audi A4
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  • The window lift fuse is defective, so no power supply to the window lift motor of your Audi A4
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  • The switch knob is unplugged or faulty

How do I unlock the stuck power window on my Audi A4?

Now that we have seen all the possible motives of a window blocked on Audi A4, it’s time to help you fix this trouble, in this article are the different procedures you will be able to put in web site to unblock the window of your Audi A4:

  • Before you do anything else, attentively take out your door trim to avoid breaking the staples holding it in web site.
  • Once in front of the mechanism, you need to test the electrical installation, disconnect the power cables from the motor and using a voltmeter verify that you have a current of around 12 volts when pressing the window lift button. If this is not the case, you will have to look at the window lift fuse on your Audi A4, please refer to our content to help you identify it. If your fuse is in good condition check your power supply wires, one of them must be cut
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  • If it is the cable that is tangled, you can try yourself by removing the glass from its brackets to put it back in web site, otherwise it will have to be changed.
  • Regarding the engine, a basic original replacement will be the best solution, in actual fact a dead engine unit is not recoverable.
  • If it is one of the window supports that is broken on your Audi A4, you can easily replace them because they are just clipped or screwed on your window.
  • Finally, if nothing comes about when you activate the switch knob and you have checked all your electrical connections, remove the switch knob to discover if it is properly connected or if it is not broken.

There, you now know how to get rid of a window stuck on Audi A4/strong, some repairs are more difficult than others, if you don’t experience able to do them yourself, go to your auto mechanic who will be able to do them for you.

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