Some problems on our vehicles seem to be insignificant but can be frustrating, like having your wipers squeak for example. Others regardless if they are not severe will prevent you from using your BMW i3 in a normal way, like having a flat tire or having the fuel door stuck on your xXX. You will no more have the ability to fill up your tank and as a result in the end not be able to use your car. This is precisely why we have written and published this content page, to help you obtain a quick treatment to your fuel trap issue so that you can use your motor vehicle in a normal way. To do this, we will first try to discover why the fuel door of your BMW i3 is stuck, and secondly, how to unblock it.


Why is the fuel door of my BMW i3 stuck?

So we’ll begin our content page with the source of your fuel trap problems stuck on BMW i3. Realize that this fuel door is sometimes powered by an electric motor, but in some years or according to the options of your car it is only ran by a cable. In most cases, it is either the cable that seizes up, or, an electric motor that is at the end of its life. In some instances, it might be the fuel door fuse that is faulty on your BMW i3. So take into consideration checking all these elements one at a time to discover the source of your fuel door issue on BMW i3. Go to the next part of this content page to find solutions to your issue.

What if the fuel door on my BMW i3 is stuck?

We are now going to describe you 1 by 1 the diverse solutions to each of the causes of a fuel door stuck on BMW i3, already to give you an immediate solution to enable you to put fuel in your car and above all a definitive solution to no longer suffer this kind of difficulty.

Check the fuel door fuses

The first likely cause of a stuck fuel door on your BMW i3 is that the fuse for the door opening has failed. To fix this issue, you need to get your car manual, examine which fuse box the one you are interested in is in (dashboard or engine compartment) and once established, examine the condition and possibly change the fuse with a new one. If it is the fuel filler cap that is stuck on your BMW i3, do not hesitate to have a look at our content page to help you fix your issue.

Check the fuel door control cable

The second likely cause of your fuel door issue being stuck on BMW i3 is that the fuel control cable is seized up. To solve this issue, you will have to try to use a flat screwdriver to pry the fuel door lock with a flat screwdriver for example at the same time as you operate the fuel door opener. Do not hesitate to use WD40 type lubricant to lubricate the cable and avoid experiencing again this problem.

Replace the fuel door opening motor

Very often, the issue will come from the engine that controls the opening of the fuel door of your BMW i3. If the hatch is blocked, the engine may be burnt out, to replace it, you will have to change the engine, for this, you will have to access it from the inside of your trunk, by removing the lining of it.

Use the emergency opening pull in the trunk

Finally, last solution to unlock a fuel door on BMW i3, you have to use the emergency opening rod in your trunk. To do this, remove the trunk liner on the side of the fuel door and consult your BMW i3 owner’s manual for the exact location of the fuel door. All you have to do is activate it to unlock the fuel flap of your car.

In the event that you have any additional questions about the BMW i3, do not hesitate to consult our BMW i3 category.