Today we’re going to discuss one more subject in the series on car care. This is the coolant level, and more specifically where to put coolant in Mini Mini 3? For this, we will begin this content page with a little reminder on the interest of ensuring of the coolant level of your car, then, where to fill coolant in Mini Mini 3? And, finally, how to make the level of this famous liquid.


Why to fill coolant level on a Mini Mini 3?

Before we describe where the coolant is on a Mini Mini 3, we begin our content page by reminding you what is the interest of ensuring an ideal coolant level ? The coolant of a Mini Mini 3 has an important objective in the good functioning of your engine, in reality, it will circulate in it to catch the heat produced by its process and transfer it to your radiator which has the objective to produce it go down in temperature . It is all the more useful when outside temperatures are high or when you are driving at limited speed and natural cooling by outside air is not useful. Without coolant your engine would overheat after just a few minutes, and this would result in engine failure, hence the importance of having an ideal coolant level always. If your coolant level drops down below the lowest level, the circulation of the coolant in the cooling system may be reduced and consequently its efficiency may be limited or even zero if it is too low. At last, if it is too high, the pressure can be too high and trigger a leak that can also trigger the engine to break down.

Where to put the coolant in Mini Mini 3?

We now proceed to the step that you are probably most interested in, where to put coolant in Mini Mini 3? You are now informed of the importance of always having the ideal level of this coolant. To find it is very basic, here are the different steps to allow you to discover the expansion tank that contains the coolant of your Mini Mini 3:

  • Before doing anything, wait a few minutes or so for your engine to warm up so that you don’t get burned when you do the coolant level.
  • Pop the hood of your car.
  • You must quickly find the expansion tank that contains the coolant of your Mini Mini 3, it is generally located in one of the 4 corners of your engine block, to find it you just have to look for a plastic container with a black or yellow plastic cap with a danger logo or thermometer on the top.

How to fill up the coolant level on a Mini Mini 3?

Now that you have identify where the coolant is in your Mini Mini 3 , we will describe how to produce the level of it. Nothing could be simpler, just stick to the few steps down below:

  • Buy if you don’t have any coolant in the store, it’s just cured water with antifreeze added.
  • Verify on the side of the expansion tank of your Mini Mini 3 the level of the expansion tank. Just observe if you are between the “min” and “max” mark, if you are more towards or down below the “min” mark you can continue to stick to these steps, otherwise the level of your liquid is sufficient
  • .

  • After waiting for the engine to cool down, you can open the coolant cap of your car.
  • Softly add coolant to the expansion tank of your Mini Mini 3 by checking regularly.
  • Try to reach the middle of the clue on the side of your vase, don’t go over the “max” mark.
  • If you’re on top of it, don’t start your engine, and with a syringe, remove the excess coolant.

If the engine of your Mini Mini 3 warms up despite a level coolant, read this content page, you will be able to find the causes of this problem.

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