Modern vehicles are more and more pre-loaded with technology and nevertheless this provides us comfort, we regrettably also suffer the disadvantages. Most of us are not comfortable with anything electrical on our Volvo V60, let alone going near the fuses on it. In this post, we will try to help you to solve your fuse complications and specifically to find the odometer fuse on your Volvo V60. To achieve this, first, we will see in which situations it might be relevant to replace the odometer fuse on Volvo V60, then where the odometer fuse on Volvo V60 is .


Why replace the odometer fuse to Volvo V60?

So let’s begin our article on the location of the fuse of the odometer Volvo V60 by the benefit to replace it. You may have the impression that your fuse is blown but you are not sure. In fact, if you have complications with your car’s odometer, if it’s only the odometer or the whole block, it’s highly possible that the fuse is the cause. It is necessary to know that a fuse acts as a security device to avoid overvoltage on your Volvo V60 . It will be a resistor, of a filament, more or less thick, which will let pass a certain tension and which will break if the tension is too strong. Hence the fact that they are transparent, you can verify them and check that the filament is still intact with a basic visual verify. Generally, you will want to replace the fuse of the odometer to Volvo V60 when the odometer or the speedometer is no longer working or when you no longer have the backlighting of the odometer . If your battery is working effectively, the fuse might be the cause of your problem.

Where is the daily odometer fuse on Volvo V60?

We will now look for where the fuse for the odometer of your Volvo V60 is. The fuse is in most cases a 5 amp fuse. We will help you to find the odometer fuse for your Volvo V60 .

Find the fuse for the odometer fuse of your Volvo V60

We will now focus on this fuse. You’re going to have to go to the fuse box in your motor vehicle. If you can’t find it, know that it is close to your steering wheel, you will find its exact position thanks to the manual of your Volvo V60.

  • Browse the manual on the cover of the fuse box to find the odometer fuse of your Volvo V60 , it should be noted as “vehicle speed sensor”.
  • Take out the fuse in question carefully with pliers and verify the condition of the filament.
  • If it’s faulty, replace it with a new fuse.

You now know how to find the fuse of the daily odometer of your motor vehicle , if you are looking for other fuses like the starter fuse on Volvo V60, or the air conditioning fuse, do not think twice to seek advice from our content articles dedicated to these fuses.

Whenever you have any additional questions about the Volvo V60, do not hesitate to consult our Volvo V60 category.