Modern vehicles are more and more equipped with technology and although this brings us comfort, we unfortunately as well undergo the down sides. The majority of us are not comfortable with anything electrical on our Porsche 911, let alone going near the fuses on it. In this post, we are going to try to help you to fix your fuse complications and especially to locate the power window fuse on your Porsche 911. To get this done, first, we are going to see in which scenarios it can be relevant to replace the window fuse of your Porsche 911, then where the window fuse of your Porsche 911 is.


Why replace the power window fuse on your Porsche 911?

So let’s start our content on the location of the window lifter fuse of your Porsche 911 by the benefit of changing it. You may have the feeling that your fuse is blown but you are not sure. Obviously, if you have complications with your motor vehicle window, if it is stuck, or the power window of your Porsche 911 no longer lifts , it is firmly possible that the fuse is the cause. It is necessary to know that a fuse operates as a security device to avoid any overvoltage on your Porsche 911 . It will be a resistor, of a filament, more or less thick, which will let pass a particular tension and which will break if the tension is too strong. Hence the fact that they are transparent, you can verify them and examine that the filament is still intact with a simple visual verify. Generally speaking, you will want to replace the fuse of the window lifter of an Porsche 911 when the power window no longer functions . If your battery is operating properly, it might be the fuse that is the cause of your problem.

Where is the window winder fuse on Porsche 911?

We will now try to find the fuse in the power window of your Porsche 911 . It will often blow if your window gets stuck. The fuse is in general a 30 amp fuse. We will help you find the power window fuse on your Porsche 911 .

Placement of the power window fuse of your Porsche 911

We will first concentrate on the power window fuse on your Porsche 911. For this you will have to go to the fuse box of your motor vehicle . If you can’t find it, take note that it is close to your steering wheel, you will find its exact location thanks to the manual of your Porsche 911.

  • Browse the instruction manual on the cover of the fuse box to find the window fuse on your Porsche 911 , it should be noted as “power window”/”window lift control”.
  • Take out the fuse in question carefully with pliers and check the condition of the filament.
  • If it is faulty, change it with a new fuse, otherwise you will have to verify the state of your Porsche 911 window lift motor, or the power cables.
  • After you replace your motor vehicle window fuse, put it back together and test your windows.

How to proceed if the power window fuse on my Porsche 911 blows after changing?

At last, we will now see how to handle it if the window lift fuse of your Porsche 911 is blown after replacement . Here are a few points to verify yourself if you are capable to do it, otherwise take your car to your garage area.

  • Take out your door trim
  • .

  • Check to see if your fuse blows as soon as it is changed or when you operate your power window.
  • If it blows without you handling it, look for a short in the beam that handles this fuse
  • If the fuse only blows when you operate the window lifter, look for the short circuit in the power window motor unit and in the door trim

You now know how to find the window lift fuse of your motor vehicle , if you are trying to find other fuses like the starter fuse on Porsche 911, or the air conditioning fuse, don’t think twice to consult our content articles dedicated to these fuses.

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