Recent cars are more and more equipped with technology and nevertheless this brings us comfort, we sadly as well suffer the down sides. Many of us are not comfortable with anything electrical on our Dodge Durango, let alone going near the fuses on it. In this article, we will try to help you to solve your fuse problems and especially to find the starter fuse on your Dodge Durango. To achieve this, first, we will discover in which situations it may be relevant to change the starter fuse of your Dodge Durango, then which fuse it is and finally where is the starter fuse of your Dodge Durango .


Why change the starter fuse of your Dodge Durango?

So let’s begin our article with the motives of a starter fuse change on Dodge Durango. Changing a fuse is not a specially difficult procedure, but when you touch the electricity of your vehicle, it is better to take some safety measures. That’s why it’s best to be certain of the benefits of this procedure before you do it. In most cases, you will try to identify where the starter fuse on your Dodge Durango is, when your motor vehicle has starting problems. Regardless it doesn’t start at all, or, if it doesn’t start well, you may want to look at the fuse box. Before you do that, do a battery verify to ensure the problem is not coming from there. Also, you should try to look at the contactor of your motor vehicle , because it can as well be the trigger of problems with the starter of your Dodge Durango. Finally, last opportunity, look at the electric relay if the issue does not result from there. If despite these inspections you still need to know where the starter fuse on Dodge Durango is, continue to the next section.

What is the starter fuse on your Dodge Durango?

We will now, before we identify where the starter fuse on your car is, explain to you what the starter fuse is on your Dodge Durango. Until now vehicles were not equipped with starter fuses because it produces significant energy when the engine unit is started and moreover is not constantly stable. Nevertheless, since several years, manufacturers have started to integrate a fuse on the starter solenoid of about 150/200 amps which will “protect the ancillary parts” of the starter of your Dodge Durango, like the ignition for example. There is nevertheless another fuse that has been around longer and which is also linked to the starter, it is the fuse F8, which is generally 20/25 amp and is named the starter excitation fuse on Dodge Durango .

Where to find the starter fuse on your Dodge Durango?

Now let’s move on to the part you’re probably most keen on. After finding which starter fuse you’re going to need to change, it’s time to identify where the starter fuse is on Dodge Durango . You will need to look under your hood, in most instances, as seen in the previous section, your starter fuse on Dodge Durango is in the fuse box in the engine unit compartment of your motor vehicle , it is located under a cover, close to your battery. Be aware that before any intervention you will have to disconnect the battery from your Dodge Durango, to avoid any risk of short-circuit or electrocution. To be sure of the location of the starter fuse of your Dodge Durango, you will need to have the maintenance booklet with the fuse diagram with the position and function of each fuse. Hardly ever change a fuse with a lower or higher amperage fuse, as this may cause a fire or damage any part of your Dodge Durango. If you wish to change the fuse on the starter relay of your Dodge Durango , you will have to go to your auto mechanic who will surely advise you to change the whole starter.

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