If you’ve just bought a new vehicle, rented one for a trip of any kind, or are just thinking about, What’s the best fuel for your Toyota Aygo? Going to the petrol pump is often a dilemma for the majority of us, that’s why, in this article we will try to help you to know which fuel to choose for your Toyota Aygo? To do this, first we will look at the different types of fuel for Toyota Aygo diesel, and secondly, which fuel to choose for a Toyota Aygo petrol .


What fuel to use for Toyota Aygo diesel?

So we begin by concentrating on fuel for the diesel-powered Toyota Aygo. It is essential to know that unlike petrol engines you are lucky, all fuels are suitable with your engine and you take no risk in selecting one fuel over another. Nevertheless, there are differences between the two types of diesel you will find at the gas pump and we will now discover how they differ.

Premium diesel fuel for Toyota Aygo or B7 diesel

So we begin with the premium diesel fuel for Toyota Aygo , this diesel is the one we discover at the price of the cheapest , it is consequently necessarily the best among Toyota Aygo motorists . In addition to its appealing price, it is made from additives such as anti-corrosive agents or other detergents that will increase the life of your engine unit and your admission . It can incorporate up to 7% biofuel.

Excellent diesel fuel for Toyota Aygo or diesel B10

Excellium diesel fuel for Toyota Aygo or B10 is also called diesel for extreme cold because during the winter particular additives are introduced to combat winter temperatures. In addition, it has been created to exceed the first diesel, so it is made up of additional additives that enable it to further reduce friction in the engine unit and thus improve its performance.

What fuel to choose for Toyota Aygo petrol?

We are now going to proceed to the more technical part of the fuels for Toyota Aygo , in reality, it is essential to know that according to the year of your Toyota Aygo you will not have the ability to use all the fuels present at the pump, here is the list of available fuels for Toyota Aygo petrol and their specificities.

SP95 E5 petrol fuel for Toyota Aygo

The fuel most utilized by Toyota Aygo petrol owners, it matches to the majority of petrol vehicles released after 1991 , it is the cheapest and already includes enough additives to keep your engine unit in good functioning order.

SP95 E10 fuel for Toyota Aygo

Slightly more expensive than its past version, the SP95 E10 differs from the other version by the presence of ethanol in the amount of about 10% , which gives it a lower diffusion of greenhouse gases , it is nevertheless usable only by Toyota Aygo designed after 2000. .

Fuel SP98 E5 for Toyota Aygo

It is THE fuel par excellence for Toyota Aygo petrol , in reality, its composition allows it to gets rid of up to 99% of the internal deposits related to the combustion of the engine unit , it is possible to use it for all vehicles that date from 1991, but it is however the most expensive of all those available .

E85 superethanol fuel, E85

Last fuel available for your Toyota Aygo is E85 superethanol, it is made up of 85% bioethanol and just 15 of SP95 , which makes it the less polluting fuel, additionally it is the cheapest thanks to tax advantages. . However, it can be used JUST by Toyota Aygo with the “Flex-Fuel” system , check that yours is suitable before use.

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