Despite the fact that automobiles are tending to become more and more compact, one is happy to enjoy a substantial volume of transport on most recent vehicles. Whether you’re going on a break, shopping or moving house, the trunk of your Chevrolet HHR is a large and very valuable space. So, what to do if the trunk of your Chevrolet HHR is stuck? This is precisely what we will try to answer today. We will specifically concentrate on closing a blocked safe, but you may find this content useful if you can’t close your trunk anymore. In a first step, we will try to find the motives of a trunk locker stuck, and in a second step, how to open the stuck trunck locker from a Chevrolet HHR.


Trunk lock Chevrolet HHR stuck, why?

So let’s commence our article content with the sources of an Chevrolet HHR trunk that get stuck . They can be diverse, although in most instances it will be the same complications that will be involved.

Chevrolet HHR trunk lock connection wires cut

First cause for a trunk stuck on Chevrolet HHR. It is possible that the wires or wiring harness of your trunk lock may have been severed by force, or because of shocks. This problem triggers the outside trunk release handle to not respond and may also provoke complications with your rear lights, which may be linked to the same wiring harness. If you have these two complications and your bulbs are not burnt out (please refer to our content on changing the bulbs of the rear lights on Chevrolet HHR if you don’t know how to check their condition), there is a good chance that the tailgate of your Chevrolet HHR is blocked because of an electrical problem.

Chevrolet HHR trunk damaged lock

The second opportunity of a blocked trunk is that it is the lock of the trunk of your Chevrolet HHR that is the cause of your problem . In reality, it is possible, after a while, that it may become blocked or that internal mechanisms may break. In this instance, the action of the trunk handle no longer triggers the mechanism. You may still notice the activation noise, but not the mechanisms turning.

Something’s jammed in the lock of my Chevrolet HHR trunk

Finally, a last possibility, even though the source of the problem is generally already known. It is possible that you have something (a bag for example, a jacket, leaves… ) stuck in the lock of your trunk and that this foreign body keeps it in the closed position.

How to open a stuck trunk Chevrolet HHR?

Now that we have found out the different reasons for a trunk stuck on Chevrolet HHR , we will concentrate on the possibilities to open a blocked trunk.

Opening a stuck trunk Chevrolet HHR with the inner lock

First opportunity, the trunk lock of your Chevrolet HHR is totally blocked, the external handle may be damaged, or you may have an electrical problem. In this case, a solution is offered to you, go through the interior of the vehicle use the internal trunk handle . In truth, not everyone is aware of it, but there is an internal mechanism in the trunk that enables you to open it from the inside, you will need to locate a hole (sometimes hidden at the rear of a plastic cover) in the centre of your tailgate in which you can insert a screwdriver and press on the sides to unlock the trunk lock of your Chevrolet HHR .

Open trunk stuck Chevrolet HHR with a lubricant spray

Second remedy. It is possible that, over time, dust, the trunk closure of your Chevrolet HHR may have jammed , to get rid of it, from inside your motor vehicle, use degreaser to come clean and lubricate the lock of your Chevrolet HHR. This remedy may give you the opportunity to reoperate your locked trunk.

Open blocked tailgate Chevrolet HHR, try to take out the foreign object

Finally, last possibility, it is possible that the trunk of your Chevrolet HHR is blocked as a result of a foreign object that got into the lock. In this case, there are few solutions. It is up to you to take out as many plastic covers as possible from the inside of your motor vehicle in order to have the most open access possible to the lock and try to remove as many foreign objects as possible from the trunk closure using pliers. If you are unable to open the locked trunk of your Chevrolet HHR , we suggest you to go to your technician who will have the tools and more advanced knowledge to unlock the trunk of your motor vehicle .

If you have any further questions about the Chevrolet HHR, do not hesitate to consult our Chevrolet HHR category.