Taking care of your car is important, if it is to enjoy a pleasant drive, to sell it at a fair price, or to avoid huge unpredicted expenses. Some of these routine service acts are unavoidable, such as brake service, and we’ll just see what price to replace the brake discs of a Nissan Murano . Even if it is hard to give you an exact price, we will first show you the role of the brake discs of a motor vehicle, then an estimate of the price of changing the brake discs of your Nissan Murano, and finally, why and when to change its discs.


Function of the brake discs of a Nissan Murano

Before we see the cost of changing the brake discs on your Nissan Murano, we will show you what their role is. They are an integral part of your braking system and make certain your security on the road. This braking component is a consumable, this part will have to be changed according to the use you have of your Nissan Murano. There are two distinct braking systems, the drum brakes which will be a sort of circles inside which pads will be pressed on the walls to slow down the car, very often equipped on old automobiles or on the rear wheels because they have less braking power. The discs, as their name signifies, are like thick metal discs that will be pinched by the brake pads to stop your Nissan Murano . With time and friction the thickness of the discs will reduce and they will become less powerful.

Price for changing the brake discs of a Nissan Murano

We’ll now proceed to the part you’re likely most interested in. How much does it cost to change the brake discs on a Nissan Murano? It is important to know that the brake discs are sold in pairs, generally speaking your motor vehicle will be built with them at the front, and not necessarily at the rear. As 70% of the braking power of a car is focused on the front of the motor vehicle it is important to have them in good functioning conditions. We are going to detail the different possibilities available to you to change the brake discs of your Nissan Murano and the different prices of these solutions , here they are:

  • The first solution is actually the priciest, if you have already had to cope with a garage of the brand of your Nissan Murano you should know that the services are constantly substantially higher priced. We ensure you an expertise which is not constantly there and which whatever the case is not necessary for many services such as changing the brake disc. However, changing the brake discs of your Nissan Murano at the manufacturer will cost you between 250 and 350 euros depending on the finish of your motor vehicle.
  • To complete by a motor vehicle center or an independent garage is a remedy more and more appreciated by the motor vehicle owners, for some they enable to keep the guarantee of your Nissan Murano while lowering the bill. It is estimated that changing the brake discs of a Nissan Murano in this kind of garage amounts to around 150 to 250 euros.
  • At last, it is possible to change your brake discs by yourself , with some know-how the task is not very difficult and you will locate guides on the internet. To do so, you only have to buy the part. If you buy it in a store you will get it for 50/60 euros and 30/4 if you buy it online.

Why and when to change the brake discs on his Nissan Murano?

As we explained in the introduction, the brake discs on your Nissan Murano are wear parts. It is estimated that the brake discs have a lifetime of 80, 000 to 110, 000 km depending on the use you will have (highway or city for example). Finally, certain signals can notify you to the need to change the brake discs on your Nissan Murano:

  • Strong squeaking noises during braking, remember to verify the level of brake fluid in your Nissan Murano, do not think twice to seek advice from our content on this subject.
  • Heavy vibration in the brake pedal when you brake.
  • Major scratches or stains on your brake discs

If perhaps you have any additional questions about the Nissan Murano, do not hesitate to consult our Nissan Murano category.