Keeping an eye on your car is necessary nowadays, indeed, if you do not do the bare minimum maintenance of it, or if you do not take into consideration signals of unusualness, you strongly risk to see your motor vehicle withering away. This is precisely the subject we will be addressing today, one of the symptoms that most interferes with car owners is the oil light on Honda Pilot . To try to help you review this warning light, first we will see what this oil warning light on Honda Pilot corresponds to, then in a second how to proceed if the oil warning light is turned on Honda Pilot? .


Oil light indicator on Honda Pilot

Role of the oil light on Honda Pilot

So we start our article with the interest of the oil light on Honda Pilot . This signal is one of the most vital sensor of your dashboard, the fact is, with the coolant sensor, it is the just one that if it is red should bring about protection of your engine, and if it is red, it means that there is a oil pressure problem , which can, if required, in a few moments significantly ruin your engine. The task of your engine oil is to lubricate all the gears of your engine and to avoid the slightest friction, to cool the engine, and to take out deposits of foreign bodies. It will allow all these elements to work without breaking, an engine running without oil will just last a few moments before it breaks. It is consequently necessary to constantly have a enough oil level and pressure to ensure that it works in the right conditions. That’s why it’s vital to select the best oil for Honda Pilot when you change your oil, so don’t hesitate to consult our guidebook to select the oil best suited to your motor vehicle.

Why does the oil warning light on Honda Pilot come on?

We will now move on to the different reasons of a engine oil warning light that lights up on Honda Pilot . It can be yellow or orange (dependent on the year) or red. Here are the problems associated with this warning alert:

  • If your oil light is on but is yellow or orange , you are “lucky”, it implies that your oil level is not enough.
  • Oil pressure sensor problem: The oil pressure sensor which is useful to permanently monitor the oil pressure level in the engine of your Honda Pilot may cause the red oil warning light on your motor vehicle to illuminate. It will be required to switch off the engine of your Honda Pilot instantly!
  • Oil pump problem: Just like the pressure sensor, a problem of your oil pump will generate the red oil light on the dashboard of your Honda Pilot to come on, the oil will no longer flow properly in your engine and the risk of breakage will become very important.

What if the oil indicator light come on your Honda Pilot?

We will now try to give you the steps to be carried out in case of oil warning light coming on or flashing on Honda Pilot .

How to proceed if the orange or yellow oil light is on Honda Pilot?

If you are the victim of an oil warning light that illuminates yellow or orange on your dashboard, know that your motor vehicle is not in instant danger , nevertheless driving with this light is not a wise decision because it means that your oil level is not enough . It is therefore required to verify the oil level as quickly as possible and verify after that you don’t have any oil leak on Honda Pilot, don’t hesitate to consult our content which relates to this problem if this is your case.

How to proceed if the red oil sight glass is lit on Honda Pilot?

It indicates, you do have a red oil light is lit on Honda Pilot . The first thing you’ll have to do is turn off your engine , or you risk breaking your engine. Then to call a auto mechanic so that he can identify the origin of the failure and tell you if it’s rather a oil pressure sensor failure and therefore cost you around 50 euros with labor, or if it’s rather a problem of oil pump and in that case you will have to spend a few hundred euros (around 300€).

Whenever you have any additional questions about the Honda Pilot, do not hesitate to consult our Honda Pilot category.