With the democratization of new technologies, the extensive usage of smartphones, 24-hour internet connection and internet sites, it was clear that cars would stick to the movement. And after the era of the DVD car radio that could be added to the Nissan Qashqai, for a few years now many cars have been equipped with touch screens. Although this provides a certain comfort, with technology comes also the concerns. Today we’re going to try to help you solve a touch screen issue that doesn’t work on Nissan Qashqai anymore. To get this done, to begin with, we’re going to discover the features of having a touch screen in your motor vehicle, then the various touch screen complications on Nissan Qashqai , and at last how to solve them.


Benefits of a touch screen on Nissan Qashqai

Before we can see why the touch screen of your Nissan Qashqai no longer operates, we will first discover all the positive aspects that this equipment will bring you. We will only concentrate on the native touch screens, those integrated by the producer and not those bought in motor vehicle centers. Here is a list of the advantages and interesting features of a touch screen integrated in your motor vehicle:

  • The capacity to watch multimedia content on your screen.
  • The opportunity to follow a GPS track with a screen of a sizeable size.
  • Gain access to to many setting options on his motor vehicle due to the operating system included in the screen
  • Synchronize your smartphone and therefore receive calls.
  • Ease of use of the touchscreen as contrary to the buttons and knobs previously used


Nissan Qashqai Touch Screen Complications

We will now proceed to the section you are most enthusiastic about knowing why the touch screen of my Nissan Qashqai no longer works? To get this done, we tried to distinguish all the complications that exist on the touch screens of your motor vehicle. There aren’t 50 different complications, but that said, on this website are the main ones you may be experiencing:

  • The touch screen on my Nissan Qashqai doesn’t turn on anymore: This is one of the most general situations on a motor vehicle with a screen, in most instances it’s a power supply issue, go to the next section to get the solution to this issue
  • The touch screen of my motor vehicle doesn’t respond anymore: If your screen gets stuck on a page and it doesn’t react anymore it’s probably a bug in the operating system of your screen.
  • The touch screen of my Nissan Qashqai turns on and off for no reason: In this case you are certainly a victim of a short circuit.

How to correct touch screen Nissan Qashqai

After seeing why the touch screen of your Nissan Qashqai is no longer functioning , we will try to give you the solutions to each of the complications you may encounter. Down below are the solutions to each of the main touch screen complications:

  • The touch screen doesn’t turn on at all: In this case, you will have to check out the power supply side of the touch screen, in most cases it will be a blown fuse, so verify the status of the fuse.
  • The touch screen is frozen: In that case, as we said before, it’s probably a bug you’re experiencing, you’ll have to try to unplug/replug the fuses, to restart the screen . If this doesn’t work, you may have a issue with the version of the screen’s operating system, remember to contact your dealer. If it’s only your GPS that’s bugging, you can update the GPS of your Nissan Qashqai by following this guide.
  • The touch screen of your Nissan Qashqai switches on and off for no reason: In this situation it is highly likely that you are the victim of a short circuit. Verify the state of your fuses and connectors, if you can’t locate anything, take your motor vehicle to a motor vehicle electrician who can correct the issue.

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