Being the victim of constant noises on your car will probably be distressing, a motor vehicle is so complicated that it is most of the time difficult to find its source and even more challenging to find the part that triggers it. In the event you too have previously faced a cold engine noise on your Hyundai Ix35, we can certainly help you. In fact, we decided to compose this content in order to inspect the main triggers of an engine that rattles when cold on your Hyundai Ix35. First we will check out engines that is rattling only at start up, then because of improper oil and finally because of glow plugs.


The engine of my Hyundai Ix35 is rattling only when starting

If the engine of your Hyundai Ix35 produces a cold rattles, specifically when starting and which ends before long afterwards, it is possible that your engine lubrication is to blame. In fact, the oil strainer (the part that sucks up the oil and makes it rise to the top of the engine) can be damaged and therefore take time to make the oil rise when it is still very thick. If this is your case, after a few tens of seconds the engine that slams your Hyundai Ix35 should come back to normal operation because the lubrication of the engine will be done naturally, remember to examine the condition of the engine.

Engine of my Hyundai Ix35 that rattles when cold because of too fluid oil

Another possibility which can justify an engine which cold rattling on your Hyundai Ix35 is that during an oil change the choice of oil was not perfect, in reality, engine oils differ on their viscosity, which we will review with the “W” value, the higher this value is the thicker the oil will be and vice versa. If a too fluid oil has been selected, it is possible that when cold, the lubrication it allows is not adequate to limit engine slamming, compare the oil used and the oil recommended by the manufacturer, if your engine clicking is strong or if it persists on your Hyundai Ix35, do not think twice to change it with the right oil.

Engine that rattles when cold on my Hyundai Ix35 cause of the glow plugs

If you have a diesel engine, your engine is rattling when cold, and it has difficulty starting when it is cold, it may be your Hyundai Ix35 glow plugs that are defectives. In fact, a dead spark plug will induce the connected cylinder not to heat up and will bring about a stronger rattles on an engine Hyundai Ix35, so think about testing the state of your spark plugs individually using a multimeter, it may be that only one is involved like all of them. Here, we have listed to you, the main factors of an engine that cold slam on a car, do not think twice to have a look at our page specialized to your car to find further details on all the breakdowns associated with your motor vehicle.

If perhaps you have any additional questions about the Hyundai Ix35, do not hesitate to consult our Hyundai Ix35 category.