Certain features on our cars allow you to benefit from heavy driving comfort! In fact, having a GPS included in your car enables you to stay focused on the road while driving to an unknown place without any complications. However the road network is frequently changing, it is therefore necessary to update the GPS of your Lexus GS , and this is precisely what we will discover today. To do this, first we will talk about the different features of the integrated GPS for vehicles, and secondly, how to update the GPS of a Lexus GS .


How does onboard GPS function in a Lexus GS

In this part we will discover how the GPS of a Lexus GS works and what are the different types of GPS.

The features of an integrated GPS?

A built-in GPS provides many benefits that a smart phone GPS or Tomtom-type GPS will not have the ability to give you. Below is a list of the advantages of these devices:

  • The point that it is included straight into the dashboard of your Lexus GS makes it impossible to steal the GPS from your car.
  • Connected to your car’s radio antenna, the GPS will have better reception than any type of GPS you could use.
  • It is very often, dependent on the year, connected to steering wheel voice commands, which enables you to use it without taking your hands off the wheel and consequently to drive more securely.
  • The screen is in most instances much larger than a GPS on a smartphone or a nomadic type, so the information is more readable.
  • Linked to your speakers, it can be coupled to music and just occur when you replace direction, which limits the risk of you going off course as much as possible.

The different types of GPS for Lexus GS

After having discovered the advantages and before detailing to you how to update the GPS of your Lexus GS , we will fairly quickly explain the different kind of integrated GPS that exist for a Lexus GS, here they are:

  • The classic GPS: We call classic GPS the models that equip recent vehicles, they are linked to a whole multimedia system and are equipped with a touch screen.
  • The old GPS: These GPS were the first generations, the screen is only used for navigation and they are updated with a USB stick or SD card. These systems, although basic to use and have a lower screen quality, you’ll experience like you’re watching a TV from the 90’s.
  • GPS Android Auto or Apple CarPlay: At last, last type of GPS, on the latest automobiles it is possible to have a system integrating Android or Apple, these systems are autonomous and you use the native applications of one of the two operating systems. They are very responsive and comfortable to use.

How do I update the GPS on a Lexus GS?

We will now move on to the component you are most interested in, how to update the GPS of your Lexus GS? To do this, we will see for each type of GPS how the process of updating the cartography, the signalling and the software is done.

Updating old GPS on Lexus GS

The old GPS systems present on the Lexus GS until the years 2000/2005, these GPS use a specific software for the brand and the technique to update this GPS on a Lexus GS is to go to the dealer who will handle it, for a 50 euros most of the time.

Updating the GPS of Lexus GS by SD or USB

This type of GPS is most common on cars that are about ten years old. Most of the suppliers have called upon the company “HERE navigation” and you will have to go to their site to download the map update of your GPS, then copy it to a USB key or SD card based on the connectors available on your model and do the update straight through the menu of your integrated GPS.

Automatic GPS update

Most recent Lexus GS’s with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay will update automatically, so there is no need for you to make any updates. You can continue to use your GPS with secure feeling knowing that the map and speed limits are up to date.

If you have any further questions about the Lexus GS, do not hesitate to consult our Lexus GS category.