Modern vehicles have more and more functionnalities and even though they give us a lot of convenience, a lot of them are not all the time easy to use. Regardless whether you have rented a car, been lent one, or just bought a Mazda CX 7, dependent on its functionnalities, it can be difficult to figure out how to start a Mazda CX 7? Even if this fundamental act of running a car may seem like common sense to most of you, determined by the options and the year of production of your car, it will be more or less simple to do so. Today we will teach you the different procedures to start a Mazda CX 7 with the key, then, in a second step, how to switch on a Mazda CX 7 with a card, and to conclude, without using the key.


How to start a Mazda CX 7 with key?

So we commence our article which aims to learn you how to start a Mazda CX 7, which is supplied with a classic key start. Find under the different measures to be accomplished to turn on the engine of your Mazda CX 7:

  • Discern the location of the neiman (hole in which the key is introduced), it is generally on the right side of your steering wheel, on the dash. If your steering wheel is blocked, do not be reluctant to consult our article on the steering wheel blocked on Mazda CX 7 that is blocked to find out how to unblock it.
  • Insert the key into this one.
  • Examine that you are in neutral for a manual car and in the “N” or “P” position for an automatic transmission.
  • Turn the ignition on by turning it clockwise a quarter turn up to the point you feel you’ve passed the first notch.
  • Check on your dashboard that the orange lights go out, if you don’t know what they signify don’t be reluctant to consult our article on orange lights on Mazda CX 7 to discover the reason for this.
  • You just have to go one more notch clockwise and hold it in the stop until your Mazda CX 7 starts (do not let your starter run more than 10 seconds otherwise you risk damaging it, if the car does not start, let it recover a few tens of seconds before a new testing)
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  • That’s it. You managed to start your Mazda CX 7,

How to start a Mazda CX 7 with the key card?

After discovering how to turn on the engine of a Mazda CX 7 with key or will show you you how to do it for a Mazda CX 7 equipped with a key card and not a key. The method is still pretty much similar, so don’t be reluctant to go back to the previous part to get information on each of the steps to do. Learn below the steps to stick to to start your Mazda CX 7 with a card:

  • Dependant upon the year and the series, you may or may not need to put in the card in a dedicated slot, check on your dashboard if your Mazda CX 7 is equipped with this slot or not.
  • If it has one, insert the card in this hole, otherwise you can keep the card on you or anywhere in the cabin.
  • Find the “start” button, which is generally placed at steering wheel height close to the classic neiman location, otherwise it is generally positioned on the centre console.
  • Examine that you’re in neutral or neutral on an automatic transmission.
  • Press the “start” button once to turn on the ignition of your Mazda CX 7
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  • Press a second time after a few seconds or extinction of the orange lights on your dashboard to start your Mazda CX 7


How do I start a Mazda CX 7 without a key?

And to conclude, we will see, how to start a Mazda CX 7 without a key? Let’s imagine that you have lost your keys and your car is open, this may seem obvious. Even so, you should know that if your Mazda CX 7 is newer than the mid 90’s it will be complicated to turn on it without a key because of all the security equipment present on it. As expected, this should only be done on YOUR car. Here is the process to stick to:

  • Remove the cover that protects your steering wheel and find among the 3 electric switches the one that concerns your engine/battery/starter (to help you, please bring your user manual).
  • Strip, connect them mutually and isolate the battery and ignition wires (be careful not to electrocute yourself during the procedure). You now have electricity as if you had the contact
  • Finally, strip the starter wire and connect it quickly with the battery wire (do not make prolonged contact and only 1 or 2 seconds should be enough to start your Mazda CX 7).

There, you’ve learned all the methods to start a Mazda CX 7.

If you have any further questions about the Mazda CX 7, do not hesitate to consult our Mazda CX 7 category.