You are the excited owner of a recent car, the advantages of tactile gadgets, integrated technology should bring you a ease and comfort of use of your Buick Regal significant, however, which says technology says electrical, and as we all unfortunately know occasionally there are problems to resolve. Today we will look into the tire pressure sensor and specifically how to reset the tire pressure sensor on Buick Regal, so that you won’t have anymore this indicator on your dashboard. To achieve this, we will split our article into two parts, first of all we will talk about the traditional circumstance of a tire pressure indicator light that appears and the method to follow, and then the circumstance of a tire indicator that stays on even though inflated tires, so how to reset this tire sensor on Buick Regal.


How to reset the tire pressure sensor on Buick Regal? By checking out the pressure of your tires

First, we will focus on the typical approach to reset the tire sensor on Buick Regal, which if it lights up, here are the main steps:

  • As you almost certainly are aware of, an underinflated tire can go off, or explode, if you are driving and your Buick Regal’s tire pressure indicators pops up, quickly get out of the way, if you are on the highway hold your steering wheel firmly just in case.
  • Once stopped, visually check the state of your tyres, if one of them is entirely flat, change your wheel, if it is only under-inflated, go carefully to a petrol station.
  • Examine the tire pressure of your Buick Regal using the pressure gauge and follow the brand recommendations on a label in the driver’s door.
  • If you perceive during this re-inflation that a tire is damaged, have it changed
  • Finally, after re-inflation, you can turn your vehicle’s ignition back on and you should have applied the logical process of how to reset the tire pressure sensor on Buick Regal. The indicator light should have disappeared or go out after a few seconds. If this is not the circumstance, we advise you to read the following sections.

How to reset the Buick Regal tire pressure sensor that remains on when the tire pressure is good

Reset tire pressure sensor Buick Regal

Now that you followed the classic method of how to remove the tire pressure sensor on Buick Regal, and it didn’t function, we will move on to the second alternative, namely, the tires on my Buick Regal are well inflated and I still want to make this light vanish. It almost certainly means you have a faulty tire pressure sensor. For this trouble, it will be essential to reset the value in your vehicle’s dashboard. However, be careful not to do this while driving as pressure variations will affect your pressure sensors. In general you have to go through the car settings, then you should find an option to diagnose inflation or “deflation detection”, once in this tab, you have to hold down the selection button or the reset button depending to the year of your Buick Regal till you observe a message from the car console that verifies that the reset is taken into account (it usually takes a few seconds). You can now turn off the ignition and restart your Buick Regal to see if the tire pressure light has gone out.

Alternative solution to reset the tire pressure sensor on Buick Regal: Swap a faulty tire pressure sensor

If, despite your reset, the tire pressure indicator on your Buick Regal does not disappear, then the best method is to go to your garage, it is almost certainly the tire pressure sensor on the valve that is malfunctioning or faulty on your Buick Regal. Be aware that in most cases the price of a unit is around 120€. Another choice that some prefer to do because the problem can be recurrent on some series is to deactivate the sensors through the use of an opcom and the diagnosis of your car. However, this methodology is not advised because it may cause improper handling and disruption of the normal performance of your Buick Regal. Now you have all the keys in your hand to know how to reset the tire pressure sensor on Buick Regal.

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