We have dedicated this website to help you solve the little problems you can face with your car . In this guide, we are going to look at a concern that may seem insignificant but that quickly turns out to be bothering if it is not fixed. In truth, we are going to help you to know how to replace my Opel Astra card battery? The advantage of cards is that they work hands-free, but with no power your card will be ineffective. That’s why, first, we will see how the card functions, then how to change the battery of the card of your Opel Astra?, and, finally, which is the battery that matches to the card of your Opel Astra.


How does the key card of your Opel Astra operate?

Before we demonstrate how to change the batteries in your Opel Astra hands-free card, we will fairly quickly summarize how it works and the benefits it will provide you. Who hasn’t had difficulties finding their car keys in their bag or pocket? For a few years now, car brands have been looking into this issue. With the advent of new wireless technologies, key problems will fairly quickly become a thing of the history! We are going to show you the features and operation of your car key card now:

  • It uses a wireless technology that emits a frequency of 433 MHz.
  • Receivers/transmitters are present on the car and on the card so that both can communicate.
  • It permits you to open the Opel Astra simply by passing your hand in front of the door or by pulling the handle when the card is close to your car
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  • There are two types of key card, one that permits to open and close like a centralized lock with the help of a press button, and the other one that allows to open without even touching the card.
  • There is a spare key in the card so that you can open the door and start your Opel Astra if you run out of battery power.

How do I replace the card battery of my Opel Astra?

We will in this part go forward to the part that interests you the most in this article, how to change the key card battery of an Opel Astra? Effectively this wireless technology necessitates energy to operate. When the batteries of your card are flat you will not be able to wireless open the doors of your car, but with the help of the integrated physical key you can do it physically. Concerning the ignition, all you have to do is put the card in the slot included for this purpose, even without a battery, it has a chip that allows your car to start. We now move on to the procedure for replacing the battery of the card in your Opel Astra:

  • Press the button at the bottom and pull out the emergency key while doing so.
  • You will need to see a tab that will allow you to open the case of your card in half.
  • Use a thin thing to take out the used battery from the card
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  • Install the new battery in the slot provided.
  • Close the card.
  • On some models it will work automatically, on others you will have to press the button 4 times to reactivate it.
  • Which type of battery to use for the card of my Opel Astra?

    Finally, to finish our short post we will help you to choose the card battery type of your Opel Astra. They all look very equivalent and it is not always easy to choose the suitable one. It is a button size 3V Lithium CR battery, relating to the number of the battery according to the year of your Opel Astra, it can be either the 2016, the 2032 or the 1620.

    If perhaps you have any additional questions about the Opel Astra, do not hesitate to consult our Opel Astra category.