Whether our car is old or new, we tend to appreciate that it is in good condition, whether externally or internally, taking care of its car will allow you to resell it more easily and more expensive. Whether it’s because you want to sell your car, or because your hubcaps are broken, replacing hubcaps is not a very complex action. In this article, we will describe how to remove an hubcap on a car. To do this, first, we will help you to choose the wheel trims for your car, then, how to change them, with the removal of the wheel trims from your vehicle, then the installation of the new ones.

how to remove hubcap from my car

How to choose the hubcaps of my car?

It is important to know that the wheel covers of your car are purely decorative, they have no influence on the braking capacity, the grip, the speed of your car. It will therefore be up to you to buy the hubcaps that you like the most. The only interest you can give them is to protect your sheet metal rims that are hidden behind them. However, depending on the quality of the wheel trims of your vehicle, they will protect them more or less well. Be aware that hubcaps are worth between 20 and 60 euros most important to choose them will be to look at the size of your rims to choose the right size, you will have this data on your tires (example: 14 inches, 15 inches, 16 inches). The rest will depend on your tastes, the objective, if you want to resell your vehicle for example it may be relevant to remove your damaged hubcaps and replace them with the original hubcaps to make your vehicle as clean as possible.

How to change the wheel cover of my car

Now let’s move on to the section that you’re probably most interested in, namely how to change your car’s hubcaps. First we will see how to remove the wheel covers from a vehicle, then how to install the new ones.

How do I remove the hubcaps of my car?

Let’s go, we’ll show you how to remove the hubcaps from your car. This is one of the simplest maintenance procedures, however many people don’t know how it works and don’t dare to force on their hubcaps for fear of damaging them. In reality, hubcaps are simply clipped on your rims. To remove them you will only have to pry the wheel cover with a flat screwdriver e.g. on the wheel cover to remove it from the rim of your car. Once unclipped you should be able to remove it by pulling it towards you. It is only fixed by small plastic lugs that have just lodged in the rim flange. Repeat the operation on the other wheels to remove all the hubcaps from your vehicle.

how to remove wheel cover from my car

Install hubcaps on my car

Last step of our tutorial, we move on to the phase of reassembling your hubcaps. Nothing could be simpler. You just have to locate the inflation nozzle of your wheel, align it with the notch on your hubcap, present the hubcap in front of the rim of your vehicle and put little punches or mallets all around the hubcap to clip it on the rim. Finally, you just have to perform the same operation on each of your wheels to finish the job.
You are now able to remove a hubcap on your car and put new ones on.