We all have trouble with our car at some point, regardless it’s because you run out of gas, have an electricital issue, or your car won’t start, all these malfunctions usually tend to embarrass us and we are in most cases incapable to handle them. That’s why we tries its best to accompany you in front of these problems, and on this page we will make sure to show you how to manually close your Toyota FJ Cruiser? Indeed, if you have no more power, you will not have the capacity to use the central locking of your car any longer. We will first teach you how to manually close the sunroof of your Toyota FJ Cruiser, and secondly, how to manually close the doors of your Toyota FJ Cruiser.


How to manually close the sunroof of a Toyota FJ Cruiser ?

So we will commence our article with the technique to let you to close manually your Toyota FJ Cruiser and more specifically the sunroof or the panoramic roof of this one. Regardless your battery is out of power, or you have removed the battery, you will not have access to the power controls of the sunroof of your Toyota FJ Cruiser, and therefore not anymore have the opportunity to close it. Sadly, you don’t have many alternatives to allow you to close them. Indeed, to manually close the sunroof of a Toyota FJ Cruiser , there is only one method which consists in using the manual command to close it. It is not apparent without removing a plastic cover which is based in front of the sunroof. To discover the exact position of this screw seek advice from your car’s owners manual. It will then be appropriate to screw it on until the roof is entirely closed.

How to manually close the doors of a Toyota FJ Cruiser ?

And to conclude, we will certainly advance to the part that interests you most, how to manually close a Toyota FJ Cruiser , but this time we will focus on the doors of this one. Indeed, your car may have run out of battery in front of your house, you managed to open the doors and try to turn it on, but while waiting to find a resolution you want to be sure that no one will be able to get into it. Unfortunately, it’s almost the same issue as the sunroof on your Toyota FJ Cruiser. Indeed, with no power, it will be unfeasible to activate the door central lock. In some years, you will have a press switch on the window frame that you can press manually to close your Toyota FJ Cruiser manually, but this is becoming less and less common. So we will give you as before the only two alternatives to let you to close your car with no power:

  • Buy a new battery and install it to close the doors of your Toyota FJ Cruiser, or find one in good condition. But, you will need access to the bonnet to accomplish this
  • Link up your Toyota FJ Cruiser to a running car to transfer energy and recharge your vehicle’s battery. This will at least give you enough power to close the doors of your car. If it turns out you have any doubts about your battery’s ability to keep the charge. Remember to close the doors of your car while it is still linked to the other automobile. Once you have done this, you can disconnect your battery and close the bonnet


Whenever you have any further questions about the Toyota FJ Cruiser, do not hesitate to consult our Toyota FJ Cruiser category.