We all have trouble with our vehicle at some point, regardless it’s because you run out of gas, have a fuse problem, or your car doesn’t want to start, all these breakdowns are likely to annoy us and we are in most cases incapable to fix them. That’s why we tries its best to help you in front of these trouble, and on this page we will try to describe you how to close your Mini Mini with a dead battery? In fact, if you have no more power, you will not be capable to use the central locking of your car any longer. We will first show you how to roll up a window of a Mini Mini with a dead battery, and secondly, how to close the doors of your Mini Mini without battery.


How to roll up a window from an Mini Mini with a dead battery?

So we will begin our article with the procedure to allow you to close your Mini Mini with no power and more exactly the window of this one. Whether your battery is empty, or you have taken off the battery, you will not have access to the electric controls of your Mini Mini, and therefore no longer have the opportunity to close the electric windows of your Mini Mini. Sadly you don’t have many alternatives to allow you to close them, in reality, closing the electric window of a Mini Mini without battery is impossible , with no power you don’t have the possibility to use the mechanisms of your window lifter, and even if you remove the trim of your door and try to reassemble the window manually you risk to destroy the motor of the window lifter of your Mini Mini. In the event that, on the other hand, the window of your Mini Mini is stuck whilst you have battery power, please relate to this guide to get a remedy to your problem. Here are the only two possibilities that we can recommend, even though they are quite logical:

  • Get a new battery for your Mini Mini and replace it , which will re-power all the electrical parts of the Mini Mini and thus your window lifter mechanisms. If you are planning to disconnect the battery from your Mini Mini, do not be reluctant to browse our guide to perform this operation.
  • Find a motor vehicle that has battery power and connect your two batteries with jump start wire to recharge the battery and allow you to close the windows of your Mini Mini


How to close the doors on a Mini Mini with a dead battery?

And now, we will certainly go forward to the part that interests you the more, how to close Mini Mini doors with no power, but this time we will focus on the doors of this one. In fact, your car may be out of battery in front of your house, you managed to open the doors and try to start it, but while waiting to find a solution you want to make sure that nobody else will have the opportunity to get inside. Sadly, it’s pretty much the same problem as with the windows of your Mini Mini. Indeed, without power, it will be impossible to activate the door locking mechanisms. In some years you will have a push button on the window frame that you can press manually to close your Mini Mini without power, but this is less and less the case. So we will give you as before the only two alternatives to allow you to close your car without energy:

  • Get a new battery and fit it to close the doors of your Mini Mini, or find one in good condition. But, you will need access to the bonnet to do so
  • Connect your Mini Mini to a running car to transfer energy and recharge your vehicle’s battery. This will at least give you enough power to close the doors of your car. If you have any uncertainties about your battery’s ability to keep the charge. Remember to close the doors of your car while it is still linked to the other car. Once you have done this, you can disconnect your battery and close your bonnet


If perhaps you have any further questions about the Mini Mini, do not hesitate to consult our Mini Mini category.