Whether you need to move house, go on vacation with a caravan, dispose of green waste, or have a hitch is pretty handy. In this article, we will explain the electrical connection of a trailer hitch of a Suzuki Alto . Obviously, regardless if the set up procedure is not complex, it is required to describe some details to consider this intervention without any issue. Firstly, we will see what the electrical wiring harness of your car hitch involves, then, in a second step, how to make the electrical connection of the hitch of a Suzuki Alto .


What’s the wiring harness for a Suzuki Alto hitch trailer?

Why do we have to connect a wiring harness with the hitch trailer of a Suzuki Alto?

So we will commence our content by explaining the basics of a wiring harness of a Suzuki Alto. In order to understand how it functions, you must previously understand its necessity. If you have a trailer or a caravan to tow, it is necessary and earlier all mandatory by the highway code to respect certain rules, here they are:

  • A solid chassis for the trailer…
  • Wheels that fit.
  • An electrical connection.
  • A license plate in plain sight.
  • A stoplight repeater.
  • A traffic light repeater.
  • A blinker repeater.
  • License plate illumination.
  • A fog light repeater.

In order to fulfill all the electrical requirements, you will need to install a wiring harness connection on the hitch trailer of your Suzuki Alto . We will look into this in this article, if you want to learn how to install the hitch of a Suzuki Alto, please see our content on this theme.

What is the electrical connection of the trailer hitch of a Suzuki Alto?

We will now quickly explain how the electrical connection of your hitch functions. The connection uses the 12-volt current from your car to power the hitch lights on your Suzuki Alto. There are two different systems of electrical connection for a hitch, here they are:

  • The 7-pin electric plug for a Suzuki Alto trailer, 7 pins : This is the classic plug that will be determined on all Suzuki Alto hitches. This electrical connection will allow you to transmit all the lighting functions needed for the rear signalling of your trailer, you will discover a plug for each action (left and right indicators, ground, fog light, left and right position light, left and right brake light).
  • Electrical connection for caravan with 13-pin plug for Suzuki Alto: This plug system is mainly used for caravans that involve 12 volts inside to supply the various electrical gear in the cabin. This sort of connection needs the use of an adapter. The extra pins will bring the 12 volt power permanently (to recharge a battery in the caravan) and the 12 volt power in use (to use the 12 volt equipment when the motor vehicle is switched on).

How do I hook up the wiring harness of a Suzuki Alto?

To conclude this content, we will quickly explain you how to produce the connection of the wiring harness of your Suzuki Alto .

How to make the connection of the wiring harness of an old Suzuki Alto?

To install the wiring harness of an old Suzuki Alto, you will have to go and get all the required cables in the rear lights of this one. We recommend you to call in a car electrician for this intervention because it is complex, but we will nevertheless summarize the main steps to be performed:

  • Take out the trunk lining from your Suzuki Alto to access the rear light unit.
  • Locate the wires that correspond to each of the taillight functions.
  • Connect them to the lugs on the wiring harness on your hitch.
  • Close the whole thing down.

How do you connect the wiring harness of a recent Suzuki Alto?

For new Suzuki Altos, the wiring harness is much easier to connect:

  • You can use a multiplexable box, you will discover specific ones for your Suzuki Alto and universal models. It’s up to you to select according to your budget, know that a universal version costs between 30 and 60 euros.
  • Take out the trunk lining from your Suzuki Alto so that you can route the cables from your box to the front of your Suzuki Alto and connect them to your fuse box.
  • Install the case in the trunk effectively.
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  • You don’t have to retrieve your cables from the trunk and connect them to your outlet.

How do you hook up the power to a trailer on Suzuki Alto?

Finally, to conclude this content we will quickly explain you how to produce the electrical connection of a caravan on your Suzuki Alto . To get this done you will inevitably have to go through one of the previous steps, it’s up to you to select the one that points your model and your budget. After you have done this, the last step will be to buy an adapter that goes from a 7-pin plug to a 13-pin plug so that you can benefit from the 12 volt current in your caravan. These adapters come at different prices, you will need to count between 15 and 40 euros. All you have to do is plug it into your 7-pin plug.

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