Some tasks may look like obvious to execute on your motor vehicle, however, each motor vehicle is distinct and when you buy a new one, lend it to you, or rent one, it is not always easy to carry them out. That’s why today we’re going to demonstrate you how to fold the side mirrors of your Audi A2. Indeed, when you park in the city center, or leave your car parked for a little while, it’s better to fold them down to prevent any problems. To answer this query, first, we will detail the different kind of side mirrors that exists, then, in a second part, how to fold down the side mirrors of your Audi A2, and, to clonclude, the possible trouble you may face.


Different sort of side mirrors on a Audi A2

Before we demonstrate you the precise approach for folding the mirrors of your Audi A2, we will rather quickly check out the different kind of mirrors that exist. In fact, even if it is not the most complicated gear of a car, there are diverse types of side mirrors that will generally be linked to the finish of your car, here they are:

  • Manually foldable and manually adjustable side mirrors.
  • Manual and power-folding mirrors
  • Power-adjustable auto-folding side mirrors

How to fold the side mirrors on a Audi A2?

It’s time to find out why you arrived on this internet page, how to fold the side mirrors of a Audi A2? As we explained earlier, each kind of mirror folds in a different way, find down below each of the actions to perform

How do you fold manual side mirrors on a Audi A2?

  • Folding Audi A2 manual side mirrors: For this kind of mirror, nothing could be less difficult, you stand in front of your mirror and push it towards the inside, towards the rear of the motor vehicle. There must be a notch to be passed by applying a sufficiently strong force
  • .

  • Manual electric folding side mirrors on Audi A2: Be cautious on this kind of mirror, verify that they fold manually and not electrically, you will find info on the instructions manual of your Audi A2.

How do you fold the automatic side mirrors on a Audi A2?

To conclude, for this last style of mirror, nothing could be simpler, your side mirrors will fold down and open anytime you open or lock your Audi A2. On some automatic editions, you can still fold down your mirrors by hand, however you’ll have to be very attentive, generally when you fold them down manually, you’ll have to open them via the electric opening to reset the mirrors’ travel.

Trouble with the side mirror not folding over on my Audi A2 anymore?

If you are in the case that a side mirror on your Audi A2 doesn’t want to fold down anymore we will try to help you solve your problem:

  • Manual side mirror Audi A2 that won’t fold down: In that case, there must be a thing obstructing its joint, or it’s been forced and it can’t fold down, look at that side of it.
  • Automatic electric side mirror Audi A2 that doesn’t fold down anymore: In this instance, there can be several problems, you may have deactivated the automatic folding, please look in your instruction manual how to do the procedure because based on the year of your car it can be different. If it is rather an engine issue, you will surely have to change the engine of the mirror, this occurs regularly when a mirror has been forced by hand.

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