On this page we will try to help you solve a problem that can be irritating, and if not managed on time become a financial drain. Obviously, finding a leak on your car is rarely reassuring, and it is even less calming when it’s a gearbox leak on your Mini Mini 3 . Today, we’re going to help you confirm that it’s in truth a gearbox leak, then, how to fix a gearbox or transmission leak, then, give you some prevention suggestions, and, finally, give you an idea of the price of the gearbox of a Mini Mini 3.


Gearbox leak on Mini Mini 3, origin and symptom

If you have noticed an oil stain on the ground, you will need to verify that this leak is in truth originating from the gearbox of your Mini Mini 3. To get this done, you will need to go under your vehicle and follow the oil leak. If it is transmission oil, it must be originating from your gearbox sump or an adjacent room. Once affirmed, here are the possible origins of this transmission leak:

  • A gearbox cap: If it’s wrongly screwed on…
  • Defective torque converter: Just present on automatic gearboxes.
  • From the transmission oil sump: In case it is cracked or broken
  • One of your seals broken

How to fix a gearbox leak on Mini Mini 3?

After discovering the different origins of a gearbox or transmission oil leak on your Mini Mini 3, we will try to explain to you what are your possibilities to fix this oil leak. Take note that no matter the reason, after having identified a leak, you must go to a garage to identify the exact origin of the leak, otherwise your gearbox may be irreparably broken. However, here is how the service of the garage and the solutions that will be offered to you:

  • Very often to identify the leak, the mechanic will have to dismantle your gearbox, which will require a high labour cost.
  • If you’re lucky and it’s just a gasket, your mechanic will change it and reassemble the gearbox of your Mini Mini 3, otherwise you’ll have to replace the whole gearbox
  • .

  • At last, for the do-it-yourselfers, it is possible to use a sealing kit which is only effective in the case of small leaks, this kit is worth around 40 euros


Prevention: How to avoid gearbox leaks on your Mini Mini 3?

There aren’t many solutions to avoid gearbox leaks on your Mini Mini 3 , however here are the three most effective:

  • Frequent oil changes on your gearbox deck.
  • Drain your gearbox and put new oil in it. If you want to know everything about this action, please go through our content on this subject.
  • Use a specific additive for maintenance of gearbox seals, these additives will restore flexibility and allow to plug slight leaks, you will find some for a few dozen euros at Oscaro.


Price of a Mini Mini 3 gearbox

At last, we would like to give you an idea of how much it costs to replace the gearbox of a Mini Mini 3. As you have understood, gearbox problems generally lead to a whole replace of this part. It is difficult to give you a precise price because depending on the garage the labour can vary a lot and depending on your engine the component will as well have a different price, however, we estimate that the repair, labour included will cost you between 800 and 2000 euros , knowing that the component alone costs between 400 and 1000 euros.

In the event that you have any further questions about the Mini Mini 3, do not hesitate to consult our Mini Mini 3 category.