You’re most likely ready to buy your first motor vehicle, or, you want to buy a new car but you don’t really know which model to go for. While doing your used car investigation you have most likely figured out that the Dodge Challenger of “companies” are much cheaper to purchase and appears to be an interesting option. However, these Dodge Challenger only have 2 seats and will therefore necessitate a conversion to allow you to enjoy them like a classic car. We are going to see in this guideline how to convert a 2-seater Dodge Challenger into a 5-seater , to get this done, first, we will make a summary of the main key steps that should be taken, then, we will see what are the modifications to be done on the vehicle, then in a second step, what are the administrative steps to be taken to finalize the conversion of your Dodge Challenger company into a 5-seater.


The main key methods to convert a Dodge Challenger 2-seater into a 5-seater

Here is the list of the main lines to respect if you want to to pass your Dodge Challenger company or commercial in 5 places:

  • Install the missing seats and seat belts.
  • Obtain the certificate of conformity from the manufacturer
  • Take his Dodge Challenger to the roadworthiness assessment to have the changes checked
  • To run his car through mine control.
  • Notify your insurance company about the change in the car.

Modifications to be done on the car to convert a Dodge Challenger 2-seater into a 5-seater

We will consequently begin our guideline on the transformation of a Dodge Challenger 2-seater into a 5-seater with the modifications to be undertaken straight on the vehicle to be able to allow it to be recognized as a Dodge Challenger 5-seater.

Convert its Dodge Challenger to 5 seaters alone

If you want to do most of the work on your own, you should know that it will be difficult. Indeed, the producers make the transformation of the so-called “company”/commercial Dodge Challenger easy only for the manufacturers, here are the motives:

  • You will have to get a certificate of conformity, which will require a visit to the vehicle by a specialist.
  • Buy a complete kit to transform your Dodge Challenger into a 5-seater (belts/seats)
  • Put in the kit as indicated by the tightening standards (torque)

For all these explanations, it is more convenient to ask an approved repair shop who will conduct these actions in compliance with the manufacturer’s criteria.
If you still wish to carry out the transformation of your new Dodge Challenger on your own, contact the car breakdowns in your region to get the needed parts and look for manufacturer information relating to the tightening and fitting of seats and belts.

Have the conversion achieved by a specialist

If you want to convert your Dodge Challenger 2-seater into a 5-seater at a specialist, you have made the least difficult decision. In fact, he will have a easier access to the parts catalogue and will be able to deliver you the certificate of conformity and will let you to carry out the following steps without the slightest stress.

The administrative steps that should be adopted to convert a Dodge Challenger into 5 places

Now that we have been through the first technical steps in the transformation of a Dodge Challenger 2-seater into a 5-seater, we will now deal with the administrative stage.

The different steps to be performed in order to have one’s Dodge Challenger 2 places approved as a 5 places

You will discover below, the different steps to respect in order to be ok with the law to drive your Dodge Challenger converted into 5 seats..:

  • After the changes done on your Dodge Challenger, you have one month to make a change of car registration , so it will be crucial to stick to all the steps fairly quickly.
  • You have to bring the vehicle to pass the roadworthiness test , which is compulsory following a change on a vehicle.
  • Take the vehicle to the mine so that they can attest to the change in the number of seats in your Dodge Challenger li>
  • Apply for a new car registration card at your prefecture

Price of the conversion of a Dodge Challengerinto 5 places

Finally last part, to give you an idea of the cost that the passage of a Dodge Challenger 2 seats to 5 seats can reprensent, it is required to know that a kit seats plus installation will cost you at a dealer on average 2500 to 3500 euros and that it is crucial to add to that the technical control, the passage to the mine and the new car registration. So think well before buying your Dodge Challenger company or commercial, whether it is financially interesting for you.

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