You’re exhausted by playing the radio, or having to stop to make calls while you’re driving a vehicle, all these points are good to connect your Iphone to your car, only there are multiple approaches to do this. For this, you ask yourself how to connect an Iphone to your Audi A7, know that you are in the good page. Our team has made this article content to help you with this task and allow you to make phone calls in the car or connect your Android or Apple phone to it. To make this happen, first, we will see why it is important to connect your Iphone to your car, then, we will take a look at the connection of an Iphone to your Audi A7 by USB, and, in a second step, how to connect an Iphone to your Audi A7 by bluetooth.


Why connect an iPhone to the Audi A7?

So we commence our article content with the interest of connecting your Iphone to your Audi A7. For some of you it is possible that you are not persuaded of the relevance of this connection, but know that you will only enjoy benefits that will make your life less complicated or make your experience at the wheel of your car more comfy. Here are the various pros of connecting your iPhone to your Audi A7:

  • Making calls from your Iphone hands-free with the sound of the call on the speakers of your Audi A7.
  • Transmit your music and listen to it on your Audi A7 sound system.
  • Obtain the directory of your Iphone on the car radio of your Audi A7
  • Control your iPhone by voice (e.g. call someone or change the music).

How do I connect an Iphone to the Audi A7 via USB?

No matter if you want to connect an Iphone 5, 6 or 7 to your Audi A7, the process will be similar, we will see the two several procedures to connect your Iphone in USB to your car.

Connect your Iphone with CarPlay in USB to your Audi A7

Firstly, you can connect your Iphone in USB via CarPlay. To make this happen, your car will need to be furnished with CarPlay and a USB plug. You can find the list of models compatible with CarPlay here. Remember to verify that the year of production of your Audi A7 allows the use of this feature. Once done, here are the steps to stick to to make the connection between your Iphone and your Audi A7:

  • Start your car
  • Switch on Siri if you haven’t already
  • Connect your Iphone 4/5/6/7/8 to the USB port of your Audi A7
  • Confirm the connection on your car radio, it may ask you to examine a code on the screen of your Iphone

Connect your Iphone via USB to the car radio of your Audi A7

Second option, you can connect your Iphone to your Audi A7 by USB even if your car is not furnished with CarPlay, for this, you will need to have a car radio bought in a car center for example and that it has a USB port . To finish, you will only have to connect your Iphone via a USB cable to play your music and its other abilities.

How to connect an Iphone to the Audi A7 in bluetooth thanks to CarPlay?

Second possibility, you can connect your Iphone via Bluetooth to your Audi A7 via CarPlay. This is the most efficient methodology, and although it consumes more battery on your Iphone, it is the most pleasant way to enjoy your Iphone while driving your Audi A7. For that, it will be needed to respect some steps in order to perform effectively the connection between the car the Iphone, here they are:

  • Switch on the Bluetooth/wireless pairing mode on the car radio of your Audi A7
  • On your Iphone go to the “settings”, then to the “General” tab, select the “CarPlay” section and search for “available cars”
  • .

  • Choose in the list your Audi A7, it is conceivable that you are asked for a verification via a code, do it, and you should have paired your Iphone to your Audi A7
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  • On some series, the screen of your car should display CarPlay straight, if not, press the application button

If you have bluetooth problems with your Audi A7, do not think twice to browse our dedicated article content on this subject.

How to connect an Iphone to the Audi A7 with a jack cable?

In the event none of these solutions are possible on your Audi A7, you still have the simple but successful solution of the jack cable. In reality, this methodology will allow you to connect your iPhone to your Audi A7 via the auxiliary socket of your car radio or your car, and thus transfer the sound emitted by your phone to the speakers of your car. The buy of a jack cable will not cost you more than 10€.

Whenever you have any additional questions about the Audi A7, do not hesitate to consult our Audi A7 category.