You’re sick and tired of playing the radio, or having to stop to call someone whilst you’re driving, all of these causes are good reasons to connect your phone to your car, only there are several solutions to get this done. For this, you ask yourself how to connect a phone via bluetooth to the Mazda 2, know that you are in the right website. Our team has created this article content to help you with this mission and allow you to make phone calls in the car or connect your Android or Apple phone to it. To do this, first, we will look into the advantage that your bluetooth car radio can provide you, then, how to connect your phone via bluetooth on Mazda 2 and finally, how to activate the bluetooth hands-free kit of your Mazda 2 phone.


Bluetooth car radio on Mazda 2: How does it work?

To commence this content, we will be focused on the bluetooth technology, and more exactly in its foundation and in how the bluetooth operates on Mazda 2. The bluetooth technology was introduced in 1994 by the mobile phone brand Ericsson and in 1999, an interest group of several technology businesses was established and bluetooth technology was integrated into the first systems. Its purpose is to replace the infrared technology which could already transmit information wirelessly between two equipment but needed to be at a short distance and not have any obstacle between the transmitter and the receiver of information. Contrary to infrared (IrDA) which used light waves, Bluetooth uses 2.4 Ghz radio waves, which enables it to pass through materials. Generally, the transmission power will enable to transfer data on about ten meters. As far as the operation of the bluetooth on Mazda 2, it will allow you to connect your smartphone to the car radio of your Mazda 2 and to benefit from the basic capabilities of your automobile in hands-free. This is a consequent advantage, because the use of bluetooth headsets in the car is dangerous.

Bluetooth features on Mazda 2

Let’s take a closer look at the features of bluetooth on Mazda 2. The bluetooth as we have observed ealier has the simple role of transporting data between two products. However, its attributes are quite limited. In reality, we will mainly use the bluetooth on car for:

  • Make hands-free calls with the sound of the call over the speakers of your Mazda 2.
  • Transfer your music via bluetooth and listen to it on the sound system of your Mazda 2.
  • Get your phone’s phonebook from your Mazda 2’s car radio
  • Control your smartphone by voice (e.g. call someone or change the music).

All of these features are close to what you could now get with a USB connection from your smartphone to your Mazda 2, however, not all Mazda 2 models are supplied with a USB port, and bluetooth technology is becoming the standard. It allows you to avoid having to plug your smartphone into your Mazda 2 to enjoy these functionality.

How to connect your phone via bluetooth to Mazda 2?

Now let’s look into the part that is likely the most crucial for you. How to connect your phone via bluetooth to your Mazda 2? It’s really good to know that your automobile has this technology, but how to do it if you want to make a bluetooth call with your Mazda 2? The process is quite easy and we will present you in a few steps how to activate your bluetooth and how to connect your phone to your Mazda 2:

  • Go to your phone’s settings, then in the “network” tab go for bluetooth and look for devices to pair with.
  • Once the search is done, establish the connection with your car, there should be in the name of the bluetooth “Mazda 2”, a code should be shown on the screen of your car, it’s up to you to verify that it is the same on your phone and to validate the connection with the car radio of your Mazda 2

Second probability, you can simultaneously conduct the manipulation directly via your car radio:

  • Go to your car radio configurations, tab “connection”
  • Choose the option “search for device”.
  • Choose your smartphone in the list and make certain to activate the bluetooth connection on it before handling
  • .

  • To finalize the connection, you just have to validate that the two codes shown on your two devices are similar.

There, you now know how to connect your smartphone via bluetooth to your Mazda 2. You just have to benefit from all the abilities that this technology will allow you to do, like bluetooth phone, or enjoy your music in bluetooth. If you want to connect or activate Android Auto on your Mazda 2, we have made a complete content that should allow you to do it without any trouble.

How to activate bluetooth hands-free kit on your phone on Mazda 2

To finish , last part of our content, how to activate your phone’s bluetooth hands-free kit on Mazda 2? This act is only the result of the step we just conducted. Once you have carried out the previous steps, the activation of the Bluetooth HFCK should only be a formality. In reality, the car radio of your Mazda 2 should be ready to take calls on your vehicle’s speakers and let you take benefit of the built-in microphone to make calls. Try to simulate a call to verify that it is activated, in any other case you will have to go to the Bluetooth settings of your Mazda 2 and turn on the “hands-free call” option. If you have problems on the bluetooth of your Mazda 2, do not hesitate to read this content which will help you to fix them.

In the event that you have any further questions about the Mazda 2, do not hesitate to consult our Mazda 2 category.