If you want to have a clean car or you plan to sell your car, cleaning the engine of your Renault Twizy is an action of maintenance that is not necessarily well managed, between the fear of harming electronic parts or not knowing which products to use… In this post, we will go along with you to do this action of routine service with peace of mind. To do this, first, we will see why it might be necessary to clean the engine of your car, and, in a second step, how to clean the engine of your Renault Twizy .


Why clean the engine of your Renault Twizy?

So we begin our article by detailing why it might be good to reflect on a cleaning of the engine block of your Renault Twizy .

The most general explanation for cleaning the engine compartment of your car should be regular service. Failure to clean your car will trigger dirt and grime to gather and ultimately harm auto parts of your car. We encourage you to carry out this cleaning between 1 and 2 times a year. It can as well be interesting to clean your engine before selling your Renault Twizy, however take care not to clean it too much, potential buyers might believe that a too clean engine is associated with a leaking engine that tries to be hidden by a complete cleaning, better to have a healthy engine than a too clean engine.

How to clean the engine of your Renault Twizy?

We will now begin the heart of the article with the practical section of cleaning the engine block of your Renault Twizy . For this, in the first section we will concentrate on the preparation to do on your engine to perform this action in the right way, and in a second time, the guidelines to enable you to clean the engine compartment of your Renault Twizy.

To prepare the engine of your Renault Twizy before cleaning it

First step and not the least important one. Even if your car’s engine compartment is meant to be waterproof, cleaning it thoroughly is not recommended either because of the many electrical parts inside. Consequently, before you clean the engine of your Renault Twizy totally, it is better to protect the electrical parts of your Renault Twizy . Here are the steps to take to protect your car’s engine effectively:

  • Disconnect and remove the battery from your Renault Twizy , to accomplish this, do not hesitate to consult our article dedicated to this subject if you don’t know how to do this step.
  • Take out the upper motor housing of your Renault Twizy , it’s a plastic cover that can in most cases be removed by unscrewing a few screws. This will enable you to have an much easier access to the whole engine of your car.
  • Protect all electrical parts with plastic film , stretchable for example, this includes the flowmeter (which is based on your air inlet), the alternator, all electrical cables and the fuse box


Cleaning of the engine compartment of a Renault Twizy

Now that you have prepared your car for cleaning, all you have to do is start cleaning it, here are the steps to follow to clean the engine of your Renault Twizy effectively :

  • Warm up the engine of your car for about 5 minutes, this will make the grease more fluid and facilitate its elimination.
  • Use a strong> engine degreaser and spray generously on all visible parts of your Renault Twizy engine.
  • Let it operate for five to ten minutes.
  • Do not use a high-pressure cleaner, as this may damage parts of your engine. So use a garden hose and rise with a lot of water.
  • If you are satisfied with the end result, you can dry your engine with a compressor, if there are traces of grease remaining, you can duplicate the operation until it disappears.
  • Last little piece of advice, if you want and have the budget, you can apply a layer of motor protection, this will prevent the accumulation of dirt on the engine of your Renault Twizy, you will locate this kind of product in specialized shops or in the category of products for boat motors

All you have to do is clean the work area, refit your engine crankcase, reconnect your battery and you’ll be able to get back on the road with a clean engine.

If perhaps you have any further questions about the Renault Twizy, do not hesitate to consult our Renault Twizy category.