Recent automobiles are becoming ever more complex and have parts that are difficult to remedy or take care of yourself. In this article we will focus on a element that is fundamental for the proper working of your car. They may require frequent routine service and we will see how to clean the fuel injectors of a Nissan Cube? For this, first of all, we will see why it may be important to clean the injectors of your car, and subsequently, the approach to clean the injector of a Nissan Cube .


Why clean the injectors of a Nissan Cube?

So we start our article with the benefit of injector cleaning on Nissan Cube . Before telling you how to clean the injectors of your Nissan Cube, we will first describe you fairly quickly the function and the functioning of the injectors of your car, then what are the symptoms that should make you consider cleaning them. Take note that a regular cleaning of your car’s injectors will help you to avoid any concerns upstream.

Function and operation of an injector on Nissan Cube

The injectors of your Nissan Cube have a specially vital objective, in truth, they will have the purpose of controlling the fuel flow into the engine . They are small nozzles (of the order of one micron) which, under pressure, will control the release of fuel in the form of micro-drops and thus improve its combustion. They have the benefit of being set by the ECU and consequently have a very precise fuel release.

Signs of illness of a dirty injector on Nissan Cube

Now we’re going to look at the signs that should make you think about cleaning the injectors of your Nissan Cube . You should know that if your injectors are clogged or blocked, you will have a bad combustion and you may sooner or later damage them irremediably and have to change them, which will cost you actually quite a lot of money . If it turns out it is rather a leak that you notice on the injectors of your Nissan Cube, seek advice from this article to see the solutions available to you. Discover below, the list of symptoms of blocked injectors on your car:

  • Problems to start the engine unit: If your car has struggle to start, it is possible that the poor fuel diffusion is at the origin of this problem.
  • A loss of power: If you experience your engine is losing power, it’s possible that poor fuel delivery through your clogged injectors is the cause of your problem.
  • Unstable idle speed: Injectors clogged on Nissan Cube can bring about abnormal engine unit behavior, including unstable idle speed.
  • Excessive dark smoke emissions: Poor combustion in your engine unit can trigger thick black smoke.

How to clean the injectors of a Nissan Cube?

Now that we have discovered the factors for a fuel injector cleaning on Nissan Cube , we will explain how to perform this procedure. There are 3 most important possible procedures, we will now present them to you one at a time.

Cleaning the injectors of a Nissan Cube with a specific additive

First and simplest method to do it, you can simply use an injector cleaner to preserve the injectors of your Nissan Cube . This additive which will only cost you about fifteen euros and will allow you to maintain your injectors. In truth, this product will have a very modest efficiency if your injectors are already clogged, but used every 5000 kilometers it will prevent this from happening. Stick to the instructions to use it correctly, but just pour the bottle into the tank to perform the procedure, so it is accessible to everyone.

Clean the injectors of your Nissan Cube with ultrasound

A more complex and more expensive but much more powerful technique, you can by calling a specialist clean the injectors of your Nissan Cube with ultrasound . This procedure, can be done on your own if you buy the adapted equipment which, depending on the price, will not have the same efficiency (count between 50 and 500€ depending on the quality of the machine). It allows thanks to ultrasounds to dissolve all the dirt gathered on the injectors of your car. Otherwise, you can bring your injectors to a specialist who will be equipped with a more efficient gear, you will be charged about 50 to 100 euros for this service, however, you will have to take apart your injectors yourself.

Clean the injectors of a Nissan Cube with a pressurized cleaning system

This technique to clean the injectors of a Nissan Cube , is not the most reliable but already allows you to clean your injectors without having to take apart them . It is thanks to a pressure system installed on the injector rail that the impurities and dirt present on your injectors will be cleaned. This solution will cost you around 300 euros depending on the specialist you call upon.

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