More and more drivers are trying to maintain their cars by themselves. This outcomes in significant savings because modern cars involve more and more maintenance and are done up of more and more technical parts that lead to new breakdowns or inconveniences. One of the complications that affects more and more Toyota 86 owners is a clogged air flow meter, which will end in a loss of power and black exhaust gases. Today we are going to take a look at how to clean the mass air flow sensor of your Toyota 86? . First, we will show you how your mass airflow sensor operates and its usefulness, second, why it may be important to clean this sensor , and at last, how to clean the mass air flow sensor of a Toyota 86 .


Utility and action of the mass air flow meter of a Toyota 86

So we begin our content page with the operation and purpose of your Toyota 86 flowmeter.

The intent of the mass air flow sensor on Toyota 86

The mass air flow sensor is a part that has been created actually quite recently and specifically equipped on diesel models. In truth, with injection engines, the fuel and air intake has become very precise and it is therefore important for the ECU to know the exact volume of air injected into the engine to adapt the behaviour of complementary intake parts such as the injection or the EGR valve, if you have problems with the EGR valve on your Toyota 86, do not hesitate to consult our content page on this subject.

Mass air flow sensor operation on Toyota 86

Now, we are going to have a look at how it operates, before trying to clean the mass air flow sensor of your Toyota 86 , you must already figure out how it works to achieve this maintenance act correctly.

The mass air flow sensor is therefore specifically there to obtain data on the air intake of your car. To do this, it must be installed just after the air intake of your Toyota 86, i. e. just after the air filter. It is a pipe equipped with a sensor that will review the air in the intake and transfer the data to the ECU of your car.

Why clean the mass air flow sensor of a Toyota 86?

The mass air flow sensor of your Toyota 86 can have complications and this is what we will try to find out and understand what complications you may be facing!

Mass air flow sensor complications Toyota 86

Here are the different complications that the air flow sensor of your Toyota 86 can cause:

  • higher fuel consumption: Because a dirty flow meter will necessarily end in excessive fuel consumption caused by poor air flow…
  • Power loss: Related to similar problem, this lack of air can cause a loss of power to your engine.
  • Difficulties starting the automobile: Finally, one of the last classic complications connected to a dirty flowmeter will be that your Toyota 86 will have more issues to begin the vehicle.

How do I clean the mass air flow sensor from a Toyota 86?

After examining the operation and problems that the flowmeter can cause, we will look at how to fix these complications by showing to you how to clean the mass air flow sensor of your Toyota 86 . You should know that this process is actually quite very easy to accomplish and you will not need advanced mechanical expertise to do it yourself, a good technique to avoid a trip to the garage area and a steep bill. See below the different steps to stick to to accomplish this maintenance act:

  • After having based the mass air flow sensor of your Toyota 86 , you will have to dismantle it. To do this, act gently, but you will just have to disassemble it on both sides of the air duct and disconnect the electrical plug on top of it.
  • Once disassembled, you will have the ability to carry on to the step cleaning the mass air flow sensor of your Toyota 86 . This sensor will, with time, get dirty and its two “filaments” that will give information to your computer on the quality and temperature of the air will no longer have the ability to collect data correctly, it is in this sense that it will disrupt the operation of the engine unit of your Toyota 86. The intent of this cleaning will be to remove all its harmful particles to allow it to work efficiently again.
  • Let soak the lower part of your mass air flow sensor (not the plug part) in acetone or another solvent for a few minutes , which will remove most of the grime
  • .

  • Now we’ll move on to the very delicate cleaning of the flow meter filaments. You have to be very cautious, in any other case your mass air flow sensor will be permanently broken. With the help of a fine brush and solvent, gently clean the two filaments of your mass air flow sensor . If you are too afraid of damaging it, you can as well clean them with a brake fluid in the form of an aerosol by spraying the jet on these filaments.

Now you know how to clean the mass air flow sensor of your Toyota 86 , you should feel a noticeable difference in the behavior of your engine unit.

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