We are fortunate to have cars that are pre-loaded with a number of features, one of the most popular of which is the audio function in our Nissan Maxima. Whether it’s playing the radio, listening to your favorite musician, or connecting your mobile phone and playing your playlist, the greater part of users use this feature in their cars. However, it is possible that the sound system of your Nissan Maxima is damaged, you may get a crackling discomfort and want to replace the speakers in your Nissan Maxima . In reality, when you notice a vibration from its speakers, or when the overall sound quality is poor, it becomes annoying to use its head unit. In this tutorial we will present you precisely how to replace the speakers of your Nissan Maxima, step by step. To get this done, we will first help you repair your speakers if that’s the action you want to take, then select the best speakers for your car, and at last, most certainly what brings you here, how to replace the speakers of your Nissan Maxima.



Let’s begin our tutorial on changing speakers on Nissan Maxima with the speaker remedy step . It is essential to know that this is not a pretty simple work and if you do it, it should be done on quality speakers, because the cost and time spent to do it might not be worth replacing it with a correct speaker. However, if you have chosen to do it because your loudspeaker sizzles and your sound is of poor quality, the just treatment we can accompany you on is the replace of the pieces that we call the suspension and the membrane of your speakers, it is the black edge, in many instances made of polyurethane that will give the possibility to the membrane of the speakers of your Nissan Maxima to move and produce sound. In case that one of its two components is cracked or decomposes, you will have the ability to act on it. Last but not least, just before you begin repairing your speaker, carefully and repeatedly push the membrane towards the bottom of the speaker and if you identify a rubbing noise, it suggest that your speaker is damaged and needs to be changed. Instead, proceed to the following sections of this tutorial.
If it doesn’t make any particular noise, you can begin repairing the speaker of your Nissan Maxima, here are the main steps:

  • Measure the diameter and the thickness of the suspension/membrane assembly, order it on the internet and don ‘t forget the glue (1 tube for 2 loudspeakers).
  • Keep the diaphragm pressed down at the bottom of the speaker for the duration of the procedure, with a can for example.
  • Using a cutter, cautiously uncouple the suspension from the speaker frame, you will have to be patient and gentle to do this step, don’t forget to take out all the remnants of the suspension that might be attached to the frame.
  • Go through the installation instructions delivered with your new suspension membrane set up to finish repairing the speakers of your Nissan Maxima.


Now is the time to select the speakers for your Nissan Maxima. Keep in mind that a high-performance audio system is connected to an uncertain balance. So if you are trying to replace one or more of your car’s speakers, you need to make this choice in a methodical method to keep the sound quality. We’ll give you the different parameters and things you need to think about when selecting the speakers you want to replace on your Nissan Maxima:

  • Deciding which speakers to replace (sometimes just a block in the lower part of the door, while on some finishes you will have midrange speakers that handle bass always in the lower part of the door and tweeter speakers that handle treble in the upper part of the door).
  • Remove the cover or door panel to do so and measure the diameter of the speakers to be changed, there are 3 standard sizes, 100, 130 and 165mm.
  • The more speakers you pick a model that fits the size and mounting of your Nissan Maxima, the more you select a speaker model that is pre-loaded with a high number of channels, the more reliable the sound of your car will be. Make sure to check that the depth of your speaker is suitable with the depth of your door.
  • Make certain that the power in watts and Ohms is appropriate for your set up.


Finally, here we are at the last stage of our tutorial on changing speakers on Nissan Maxima . We will now see the different steps you need to take to install the new speakers on your car:

  • Disconnect your battery to avoid any electrical hazard…
  • Remove the cover of the speaker to be changed or the door trim of your xxx if required (be careful not to break the trim fasteners, which are usually delicate).
  • Remove the speaker to be changed by removing the screws holding it, be careful with the length of wire behind it, disconnect the connectors before removing it totally (don’t neglect to keep the screws in the event you want to put the old speaker back together).
  • Connect the new speaker to your Nissan Maxima and try it out with your radio before fixing it, so you don’t have to waste time if a hassle comes up.
  • Install the new speakers and refit the cover or door trim.
  • Duplicate the procedure for the number of medium, tweeter you want to replace on your Nissan Maxima.

A little suggestions, make sure to tighten the fixing screws when you replace the speakers because they make quite a lot of vibrations and they may loosen as you go along. That’s it, you’ve just found out how to replace a speaker on Nissan Maxima, now all you have to do is appreciate your favorite beats with this brand new audio system. In case you’re planning to finish upgrading your sound system, we recommend that you replace the car radio in your Nissan Maxima, as it will define the overall sound quality of your speakers, so be sure to check out our content on this subject.

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