No matter if it’s for your personal safety, for roadworthiness tests or to avoid a fine, ensuring your turn signal bulbs are constantly working is fundamental. In truth, bulbs are wearing auto parts that will predictably burn out with time and consequently need to be replaced. You’re certainly on this page because one of your rear turn signals is burnt out and you’re wondering how to change the bulb of a rear turn signal on you Honda Insight, we’ve posted this article to enable you do it all on your own without having to go to your mechanic. To begin , we will examine inspecting a burnt-out rear turn signal bulb on your Honda Insight and in a second part, how to change the rear turn signal bulb on your Honda Insight.


How to be sure if the rear turn signal bulb on your Honda Insight is burnt-out or needs to be replaced?

When you drive your vehicle you don’t constantly have the opportunity to verify all the safety features of your Honda Insight. In truth, you are more often than not in a hurry and are likely to get into your vehicle, make your trip and put it down right away without taking the time to do an occasional check-up. It is as a result important to spend some time to in some instances verify the condition of your headlights and turn signals. It’s quite possible that you have a burnt-out rear turn signal on your Honda Insight, but you didn’t perceive it. Here are the two basic methods to verify if a rear turn signal on your car is out of order or if you need to change it fairly quickly:

  • When you stop, turn on the ignition on your Honda Insight, then alternately turn on your left and right rear turn signals and get out of the car to verify that they are operational.
  • By listening to the sound of your turn signals. In truth, there is an audible signal on each car that notifies you of a rear turn signal bulb burnt out on your Honda Insight, you will perceive that the time between each “click” is much shorter, this suggests that that you will have to change the rear turn signal bulb or before. It’s up to you to examine and verify which one is burnt out by a visual check as on the first approach shown above.

You may have another bulb to change, like the one of your low beam Honda Insight or your position lights on Honda Insight, don’t hesitate to browse our web content to help you to realize this replacing.

Changing the rear turn signal bulb on my Honda Insight

Now let’s go to the most important part of this article, how to change the rear turn signal bulb on Honda Insight? Please note that this procedure is quite easy, you will need to access, from the inside of your trunk, your headlight unit, open it and change the burnt out rear turn signal bulb on your car. If it is a bulb on your front turn signal on your Honda Insight, see our specific content page. However, here are the full description to adhere to to be able to perform this process correctly:

  • To access the tail light set up, take out the carpeting or plastic cover to access the tail light assembly.
  • Use a screwdriver or torx wrench (6-pointed star) to open the tail light assembly.
  • Take out the rear indicator bulb from your burnt-out turn signal that you have sooner identified by an external visual inspection, for this you will need to make a quarter turn in a counter-clockwise way
  • Replace the rear turn signal bulb on your Honda Insight. There are two types of bulbs, transparent bulbs when the cover is orange, or orange bulbs when the cover is transparent, choose the right model for your car
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  • Put back in place your rear turn signal bulb and close your tail light block, then, verify your new turn signal bulb is working effectively

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