Regardless it’s for your own security, for roadworthiness testing or to avoid a fine, being sure your headlamp bulbs are all the time effective is fundamental. Indeed, bulbs are wearing parts that will surely burn out over time and consequently need to be changed. You’re perhaps in this article because one of your parking lights is burnt out and you’re wondering how to change your Citroen C-crosser’s license plate bulb, we’ve written and published this document to help you do it by yourself and not have to go to your motor mechanic. Firstly, we will examine changing the license plate bulb from the outside, secondly, how to change the license plate bulb without outside access, and thirdly, how to change the rear license plate bulb of your Citroen C-crosser.


How to replace the license plate bulb on your Citroen C-crosser coming from the outside

This option is the easiest of the two, in truth, for this one you will only have to take out the protective covers of the bulbs. Sadly on some years or packages of car these covers do not open from the outside and if this is the situation we will take a moment on in the second part of this content to explain the method.
So let’s begin with swapping the number plate bulb by going through the outside of your Citroen C-crosser. Regardless it’s the front or the back of your automobile the technique will be similar.
Here are a few simple steps to follow to perform this service:

  • With the engine off, disconnect the battery terminals from your car
  • Face your license plate and use a flat screwdriver or knife to place the flat part into the notch assigned for this intent (generally on the transparent cover) and lever on the plastic window to open the license plate bulb slot of your Citroen C-crosser
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  • Use your screwdriver or knife to remove the bulb from its place, in the event you are scared of damaging something, you can also do it with your fingers.
  • Finally, put the new license plate light bulb
  • Last stage, before reassembling, reconnect your battery and verify the light to validate the achievement of the task.

How to replace the number plate bulb on your Citroen C-crosser without outside access

Second part of our item, change this license plate bulb on your Citroen C-crosser without external access. Generally you will be able to access it, however some series (often at the rear does not allow this access).

How to replace the front license plate bulb on my Citroen C-crosser

To replace the one on the front plate, nothing could be less hard, you will have to put yourself under the automobile (preferably positioned on candles to give you some space), and, going through the rear of the bumper, you will have to unclip the license plate bulb block, generally held by two soft plastic tabs by pressing on both simultaneously, then right after you have your license plate bulb block in hand, Remove the plastic that acts as a seal, then with a thin screwdriver, on one side you will find a small notch, use a lever to open the plastic cover (take extra care not to apply too much pressure otherwise you will break the plastic cover), and you will simply have to take out the burnt-out license plate bulb and swap it with the new , then test out and reassemble the whole thing.

How to replace the rear license plate bulb on my Citroen C-crosser

Finally last solution, you must replace the bulb on the backplate of your Citroen C-crosser, but you cannot really open the cover from the outside of your automobile. In such a case, here is the method to accomplish this task:

  • Unplug the battery from your Citroen C-crosser
  • Find the spot of your light bulbs from the outside.
  • From the inside of the trunk, you have to remove the lining of the trunk, held by clips, you will have to lever gently on all the frame of the trunk to remove it.
  • Once found, before removing the bulb holders, disconnect the holders for less complicated access.
  • Using a screwdriver, lever the two plastic parts to remove the bulb holder
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  • Replace the burnt-out license plate bulb on your Citroen C-crosser, verify it and reassemble it, watching the clips on the trunk liner

There you have it, you have discovered the main methods for swapping license plate bulbs on your car, remember that on some models the method may be a bit different but you should be able to realize it following the explanation of this article content. If you can’t do it, don’t be reluctant to go to your garage it would be a shame to break a part of your Citroen C-crosser. If you need to change other bulbs like the position light bulbs on your Citroen C-crosser or the low beam bulbs on Citroen C-crosser, don’t be reluctant to read our articles which demonstrate you the process to follow.

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